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Happy Holidays Everyone!


Now that I feel much better (after battling fever+flu), I'm a bit sad that I have such limited time to browse the net, blog and visit my favorite pages. There's just so much things to do during Christmas/New Year holidays! However, I'm just glad that I'm in better shape now and I'd like to thank those who sent their wellness wishes for me (love you peeps!).

I just want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and that I'm hoping everyone's enjoying the few days 2010 is leaving us with. This year will always hold a special place in my heart since its last quarter was when I made and met a good number of beauty bloggers!

Photo Source

I will be blogging real soon as I have a lot of good stuff to share (I survived oiliness! I have clearer, less oily skin now! Will fill you in with the routine that improved my face in a few days). I will also be dropping by your page before the countdown to 2011.

Down With the Flu

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I'm still down with fever and flu! I'm sorry for the lack of beauty stuff posts and for not being able to visit the blogs I love to read.

It's a few days before Christmas and I just wish these fish would take away the flu...

"If today were a fish, I'd throw it back..."

These are the photos my little sister took during our stay at Avilon Zoo. I hope you liked them as much as we all did :)

For my local readers, if you are still looking for a program to support this Christmas, I hope you can consider PAWS' Wishlist Project.

PAWS’ “Twelve Days of Christmas” Wish List:
1. dog cage       – approximately  P3,000/cage
2. kennel cab (L)- approx. P5,000/cab
3. cat cage        – approx.  P  400/cage
4. Spot-On Tick & Flea treatment – approx. P200/pipette
5. Cat Food (canned) – approx. P40/can
6. Cat Food (dry/kibble) – approx. P800/8kg. bag
7. Prescription Diet Dog Food A/D (canned) – approx. P80/can
8. Vaccines or various medicine for cats and dogs – range: P100 to P600/drug or vaccine
9. Canon iPIXMA 1300 black or colored ink cartridge – approx. P900/cartridge
10. Powdered detergent soap – approx. P120/kg.
11. Energy-saving light bulbs -  approx. P110/bulb
12. Virgin coconut oil – approx. P120/ 250ml. bottle
Outdoor cattery renovation
Welded wire sponsor P500
Angle bar sponsor P500
Paint sponsor P200
Labor sponsor P350
Complete breakdown of materials needed for  new outdoor cattery
1. Welded wire – 22pcs x P500 = P11,000
2. Angle bar – 36 pcs x P500    = P18,000
3. Angle bar – 5 pcs (roof) x 5   = P  2,500
4. Paint & welding rod             =  P  2,000
5. Labor (max 3 weeks)
P350/day x18 days x2 pax   =  P 12,600
P  46,100
*Special thanks to CATSLAIR for sponsoring the indoor shelves and renovation of the cat quarantine area.
Our very best wishes to you and all your loved ones (including the four-legged members of your family) this holiday season!
-The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
Our bank account details are on the poster and in ph. Donors may also drop off  donations at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) at Aurora Blvd, Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights, QC.
Please Contact PAWS for more details on how to get your donations across.

Gasp! I Received My Julu Jewelry Earrings Today!



Shopping for jewelry online can be a pain when the goodies arrive because you realize that the pieces are only lovely on website photos. But Julu Jewelry is different. They appear true to how they were shown on photos. Perhaps even better.

I got the best deal this year. I got some of Steph's dainty Julu Jewelry at 15%off PLUS Free Shipping. I'm so lucky! The lovely pieces were shipped last Dec 4 and they arrived in the country on the 13th. Now, how fast is that?

Julu Jewelry Golden Bow earrings and Heart Cascade earrings

The moment I opened my boxes, my jaws dropped at the quality of the stones and how it glimmered against the sunlight that passed through the car's windows. WOW.

The Heart Cascades are pieces I'd
recommend to my uber girly friends --- fabulous!

Under natural light: Julu Jewelry Golden Bow earring in Deep Sea Blue,
Heart Cascades earrings PLUS free stud earrings

Actual size
Under fluorescent lighting, Julu jewelry crystals are still FABULOSO!
Golden bow earrings' gold-filled ear hoops are simply classy!

The experience in shopping at Julu Jewelry is definitely superb. My queries were answered within a day or two, my personal requests and specifications carefully noted and executed, my pieces were packed well and were shipped real fast, and the quality of jewelry is more than excellent in my opinion. 

I will not hesitate to shop at Julu Jewelry again. These babies are really worth splurging on and I fell like the luckiest gal on earth to have owned these pieces on sale + free ship + free gift. Gosh, I now have a new shop to stalk! I will post pics of how they look when worn and will review both earrings!

How I Shape and Groom My Brows



A lot of youtube beauty gurus and beauty bloggers have already attested to how shaping and grooming the brows can make a huge improvement on how the face looks like.

BEBEXO taught me how shaping is done while GLINTZY influenced me on how eyebrow grooming should be like (all tools used in the two tutorials are available at local Beauty stores: Watson's, Landmark and SM Beauty). 

Here's a before and after photo of my brows. You will notice that my brows look lighter after shaping and grooming, all thanks to the Sally Hansen bleaching kit

Coloring, shaping and grooming the brows
I can even improve them by putting on a little brow makeup (a browset/wax or minimal filling)

Personal Advice. I strongly encourage that you first bleach the brows a day before you head to shaping and grooming them. I've tried doing conversely, but the results weren't as nice. It's best to shape and groom the brows after lightening them if you do not want to end up with an accidentally thinner brows (bleaching makes the brows look thinner; imagine if you've groomed/shaped in an already thin fashion, the brows become far more thin if you bleach it afterwards).

I can definitely say that my face improved just by paying attention to my brows' shape and color. I believe that brow grooming, shaping and bleaching are fun things to go through with tons of benefits. I now have that very natural and nice arch that frames my face to make me a bit more classy to look at.

Sally Hansen Bleaching Kit Review



Ever since I dyed my hair a lovely light ash brown, I was compelled to make sure that my brows were not as black as it naturally is. I always use Sally Hansen's Creme Hair Bleach to turn my brows into a natural-looking brownish shade. (you can check out how weird my black brows look on brown hair HERE)

Now, there are two types of Sally Hansen Bleaching kits out there, Extra Strength and Bleach For Face.

Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach Extra Strength ~510php ($10)
available at Watson's, SM Beauty, Landmark Dep't Store

Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach For Face, ~360php ($7)

Label Says: quickly and effectively lightens dark, unwanted hair so that it blends beautifully into your skin tone with natural-looking results. Just one application softens and fades dark hair so it becomes unnoticeable. Easy to use, even if you've never bleached before.

  • smooth, no-drip formula
  • mixes easily
  • fast-acting yet gentle
  • sweet almond scent

Product Efficiency. This kit does its job in lightening my brow color to suit my dyed hair. I love how  bleaching gives the face a softer look and defines the brows in a more shapely manner. The fact that all these can happen at home rather than heading to the salon is superb. The instructions that 

How to bleach/dye the brows; Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach For Face
              comes with a detailed and easy-to-follow instruction leaflet

However, I experienced that there is a tendency to over-bleach the hair if I follow the leave-for-8minutes instruction that came with it. I squirm at the sight of white-tipped hairs when over-bleaching happens.

Prevent Over-bleaching. Through time (been dyeing my brows with Sally Hansen's Creme Hair Bleach for 2 years now), I realized that the best way to prevent hideous white-tipped hair with Sally Hansen's bleaching kit is to do 2 sets of 4-minute application. Instead of leaving the cream for a full 8 minutes, break it into 2 sets. 

Do not be alarmed if you still see a somewhat black hair after the first 4-minute application. Wait for 5 minutes before re-application, and you might see a lighter set of brows after this last set.

How Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach works on me:
topmost: black brows
middle: first 4 minutes of bleaching
bottom: after 2 sets of brow bleaching

You don't need to create mixtures twice. The initial mixture you have created will be enough if you have thin or medium-thick brows. Fuller brows might have to do a 'second serving' of the mixture.

Frequency Of Use. I use the kit every two weeks.

Extra Strength vs Bleach For Face.  

Bleach For Face
Extra Strength
~P360 ($7)
~P510 ($10)
Tools in the Kit
Crème, Activator, mixing plate, spatula, instruction leaflet
Crème, Activator, Pre-Conditioner, mixing cup, spatula, instruction leaflet
Yes, once crème and activator mixes well, it creates a non-drip formula
No, wait for an additional 2minutes while mixing to create a frothier mixture, if you don’t, it drips
Gentle Formula
May sting, expect a lil redness that will go off within 10 minutes
May sting, expect a lil redness that will go off within 10 minutes
Easily runs out of stock
Almost always available
Unpleasant but tolerable
Unpleasant but tolerable
Net Wt
Crème 1 oz/28.3g
Activator 0.25 oz/7g
Crème 1.5oz/42.5g
Activator 0.75oz/21.2g
Pre-Condish 1 oz/29.5mL

I'd get any of the two depending on my budget because they work pretty much the same. If you have other problem areas that need bleaching, you're better off with Extra Strength.

Additional Tips. Make your Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach experience worthwhile.
  1. Make sure to follow all instructions except the 8-minute rule. 
  2. Tighten caps and lids to prevent product spills. 
  3. Don't forget to do a patch test on the wrist before using the kit on the brows. 
  4. Cover the hairs fully. Poke the brows with the spatula applicator to make sure you tuck in some cream on the base of the hairs.
Ho, ho, ho... merry Christmas!
I'm using the Extra Strength; like it's gonna drip on my lids!
to make it non-drip, please see chart above
I am satisfied with the results every after bleach. My brow photos above still look blah but please stay tuned this week for a post on how I groom them.

I have been repurchasing Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleaching Kits for the longest time. It works well to help me achieve a softer-looking face through lightened brows and prevent me from looking funny when I dye my hair brown.
UPDATE: In the not-so-recent months, the Sally Hansen Creme Bleach Kit always runs out of stock. If you get to experience this, you may opt to use the Andrea Gentle Creme Bleach.

Relaxing Sunday Summary



Happy Sunday everyone!

This week, I've babbled about The 4U2 Envy Makeup Set and Lip Ice Fruity Lip Balm in Strawberry. You might want to check out my post on an inexpensive and effective product I reviewed last week, the Wish Lip and Cheek Stain.

My Other Memorable reads this week were:

Photos taken from:
Deathbyplatforms, The Notice, What's In My Life and Makeup Bag,
The Fashionista Commuter and Shop N' Chomp

A lovely blue Kate Spade bag by Shop N Chomp
Six Canmake blushes posted by Jennifer
Just when I thought I found the perfect lipgloss, Rae blogged about her Annabelle lipglosses *drools*
Kookie's fabulous fashion HERE and HERE
And Ana's meetup with co-bloggers just like when I met up with Crystal and Pammy

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, girls! Tomorrow's another work/school week for everyone. Best of luck with Manila traffic --- it's getting pretty jammed, ain't it? I feel the Holidays near-by...

Giveaway Winner


Here's the randomized list of the qualified entries:

Congratulations to # 16!

Congrats to Thiamere for winning one Derma Gift Certificate worth 2,000php! Please use the contact form on my sidebar to send me your shipping details (complete name, mailing address).

Thanks to those who joined my giveaway!

Hanging Out With Crystal and Pammy @ The French Baker

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When Pammy, Crystal and I met up for snack last Thursday, we chose to dine at The French Baker SM Megamall. Gale was supposed to be there too but it was impossible for her to make it on time so we went on with our threesome date.

Twas mostly me and Crystal

Pammy and I snacked on The French Baker's Chicken ala King

Crystal's "snack" LOLxxx

The girls knew how fascinated I was
at the bakeshop's wall

And here's an OOTD. I came straight from review classes and felt hiphop-y that day. The extra loose gray cargo pants and the gray leather bag were thrifted.

hiphop munchkin

It was a fun afternoon/evening to be with these girls! I wish to meet more bloggers soon.

There are also international bloggers whom I fancy meeting like Lisa, Steph and Jen. Perhaps, someday... it's not far from possible :)

Avilon Zoo Teaser



Most of the people around me know how much I love animals. Last Novemeber, my family and I visited Avilon Zoo in San Mateo, Rizal. It was quite a trip getting to the place (here's how to get there) but the moment we saw what we came for, our hearts just melted in awe (what can we do, we just love animals!).

Avilon Zoo, San Mateo Rizal --- which animal would
you love to take home with you? 

The place isn't stellar, just a regular zoo. But I think Avilon houses a huge collection of exotics and wildlife more than any other zoo in the Metro. I noticed how much they tried to feature the animals minus the rusting cages that we Filipinos normally see at zoos. And instead, they gave most of the animals a feel of their supposed habitats. That's enough reason for us to shell out 300php/head ($8, we normally pay around $3 to get into zoos in my country) entrance fee.

Avilon Zoo set-up for some set of avians

I really had fun during those days we went there (we traveled on 2 separate dates to tour the entire place FULLY--- we took pictures and spent time observing how the animals behaved).

I will be doing a series of posts for my Avilon Zoo experience so I hope most of you can stay tuned.

If today were a fish, I'd throw it back
Crocs On Gluta

Lip Ice Fruity Lip Balm in Strawberry

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In the spirit of Lip Ice (you must've bumped into Pammy's and Phoebe's reviews by this time), I'm also doing a review on one of its popular variants, Lip Ice Fruity.  

I was lucky enough to get mine from a giveaway that I won (Phoebe's).  

Lip Ice Fruity Lip Balm in Strawberry, 3.5g, 89php
Available @ Watson's and SM Beauty

Pros: First off, Lip Ice Fruity w/ SPF15 is a good lip product to to get your hands on if you want a colorless lip conditioner that's affordable and non-greasy. It works well on dry and chapped lips even in an airconditioned room, but as with most lip balms, apply when necessary.  It's not some miracle product that will turn your lips hydrated the WHOLE day with one application.

Lip Ice is brought to you by Rohto-Mentholatum Malaysia

I love the fruity scent/flavour! I got the Lip Ice Strawberry variant and the flavour is just right for my liking. It may appear strong when you first apply it due to the mentholated feature, but the entire thing dies down in a few minutes.

I compare it to: Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm; both lip balms have beeswax and are not icky sticky.

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, P300+, 4.25g
Lip Ice Fruity, P89, 3.5g

I find that I need more application with Lip Ice Fruity than Burt's Bees
The minty feel also lasts longer with Burt's Bees

Cons: If you love some color on your lips, you ought to try their Lipcolor Balm or Sheer Colour variants instead. That'll save you a few bucks (that you can spend on Wish lip and cheek stain instead LOL). They also suggest pairing Lip Ice Fruity with the other colour variants for added colour, but I feel that doing that will already be too heavy on the lips (I tried my Sheer Colour+Fruity --- didn't like it).

Photo Edited from Lip Ice Facebook Page
available Fruity flavors are: Strawberry, Lemon, Apple,
Mandarin Orange and Grape Blackcurrant

Are you still swiping on some petroleum jelly on the lips (like my little sis... haha, I know what to give her this Christmas)?  Break free from it through Lip Ice products!

Lip Ice Fruity is a nice product that can fill in for your expensive balms when you run out of stock. It's a nice and affordable set to collect, too, either for your self or for gifting during the holidays!

What To Do With 741M Pesos (or $17M)?



Nah, it wasn't I who won the P 741,000,000 Philippine Lottery.

I just suddenly remembered the boyfie's remark on buying Pluto (the planet, not the dog) as a hyperbole to how much you can play god with that amount of cash here in the Philippines.

Which led me to think... 'What if it were me? What one crazy thing will I do if I had almost a billion Pesos to spare?' 

Ryan Reynolds, Ewan McGregor, David Beckham and Brad Pitt
Collated photos from HERE, HERE and HERE

I will buy 4 Bugatti Veyrons (and sneak in a Lamborghini Reventon for dad), give one apiece to Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Ewan McGregor. The 4 hotties will have to smash each other's $1.7M Veyrons to a race to win my hand and of course the big cash that comes with me.

The Bugatti Veyron. Love that car. Photo Source

Of course, the big question is if they'll race for my hand in marriage. I'll leave that to Scarlett, Eve, Victoria and Angie after splurging the girls with WHATEVER they want.

And poof! There goes $17M down the drain.

What crazy thing would you have done with that cash?

4U2 Envy Makeup Set

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The first time I encountered 4U2 products was when I got hold of their Gemtone Quad in Moonstone. I even did an amateur EOTD (my first ever, actually!) using the affordable eyeshadow quad. Now that they have released a new line called 'Envy', I grabbed the chance to purchase a 4U2 Envy Makeup Set (feel free to click on pics for a ginormous view of pigments).

4U2 Envy Makeup Set in 01... it's no deadly sin!

They have really stepped up this time. The 1 1/8" x 1 1/8" palm-size box contains 3 eyeshadows, a blusher, an eyeshadow applicator, a blush brush and a mirror!

4U2 Envy Makeup Set in 01 Net wt 6g
Also comes in 5 other shadow+blusher combos (#02-#06) 

It's not a fantastic packaging though. It's a lightweight plastic (rather flimsy) and the sad thing is that it can be a bit difficult to open the box (or was it just me?).  Nevertheless, the palette seals tightly and it's just totally jaw-dropping that the tiny 4U2 Envy palette has a matchmaking set of shadows and a blusher (plus tools!).

Swatches. I have never tried any blush from this brand but I have to say I'm really impressed with how pretty palette 01's blush is on the skin.

4U2 Envy Makeup Set 01 Blusher's swatch

Why isn't 4U2 naming their pigments? Even with the other quad, I had to play silly and name it S1, S2, S3 and S4 for reference. These lovely colors deserve a name for themselves! I forgot to do so with the pretty blusher but I took the liberty of naming their amazing shadows:

I baptize you 'Clean', 'Sin' (coz you look like UDPP Sin) and 'Tempt'
no primer to boost the shadows' colors, only used The Body Shop's crayon concealer

During that last post on the Gemtone quad, I ranted that I may have bought an expired palette. This time, the 4U2 Envy Makeup Set's manufacturing and expiry dates are blatantly displayed on a sticker on the product's seal (hard to miss)... so that's really good.  Mine will expire on 2013 (manufactured mid 2010).

[Can you help me name the blusher? And did you like the new names of the shadows?]

I will be reviewing the entire set in-depth during the next post lest I bore you once again with my long posts. I know Lysa won't be bored, but I won't keep you. I'll let you drool on the palette for now and give you the juicier stuff that the 4U2 Envy Makeup palette has in store for you later!

Forever21 Layered Necklace



There's romance in layering necklaces to fit both your outfit and your mood. But when you're running late for wherever you're headed to, the romance in mixing-and-matching pieces just stops.

Thank heavens for instantly layered necklaces.

I got my first multi-layered necklace last week from F21 when I went out with Pammy and Crystal. I bought this piece below because it's something that would go well with most of my tops.  And it's affordable, too!

Forever21 layered mix necklace
 368php @ F21Manila, $5.80 website

Forever21 necklace: mix of pink crystal and gold chains

It's more or less a hundred pesos more expensive than that on, but it is a fair price to pay compared it to getting it via preorders or having the necklace shipped to a U.S. post.

I think it's a good buy. Not an outstanding necklace, but I know I'll be able to use it often so that's a big bang for my buck!

Have you had great bargains from Forever21 accessories, too?

Wish Lip and Cheek Tint Review

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Wish Lip and Cheek tint in Magic Red is a cheap alternative for those who fancy 2-in-1 tints.  I got myself a tube at Watson's a few days ago and I was so excited to put the cheap product to a test.

At 89php (~$2), you actually get what you pay for: the flimsy packaging, the sticky feel and the ugly fingertip stains. However, the clear tube is definitely stronger than you think. I loved how magically red it turned out on my lips that I looked back at the plastic lip tube and shook my head in disbelief, "this stuff really works".

Wish Lip and Cheek tint in Magic Red
89php @ Watson's

On the lips: Unlike The Body Shop's lip and cheek tint, Wish's color pay-off is very promising!  You only need a teeny weeny amount, spread it evenly on the lips, and you build the color from there. I also love how it really stains the lips. I noticed that even after eating, my lips are lovely pink!  Also, for those who do not fancy scented/flavoured products, this isn't for you.  Wish has a strong strawberry flavour!

Wish lip & cheek tint: A tiny amount offers a faint pink hue

On the cheeks: If you're already struggling putting color on the cheeks using a wand applicator, Wish will give you an even more difficult time getting an au naturale blush. It is a pain to get the right amount of tint out of the tube! You end up wasting a lot of product while staining your fingertips big time. But anything can be achieved with practice so I'm not giving up on this product just yet.

It's clear on the tube, but red on the lips and cheeks!

On a positive note, the tint glides magically (once again) on the cheeks and does not dry out easily (easy to blend).

It is actually an easier lip tint than a blusher. It is very sticky on the cheeks while it's perfectly fine on the lips.  But you can always work your way around it as a blusher through practice. I just love those moments where you purse your lips or rub your cheeks and that clear jelly substance just turns magically red.

Frequently compared to: Smashbox O-glow 

Pros: affordable, locally available, stains lips and skin for several hours, non-drying, little amount of product already gives outstanding color, highly blendable (no need to worry about creating streaks or spots)

Cons: very sticky on the cheeks (not good!), high risk of overapplication (both lips and cheeks), quite messy especially for beginners, flimsy packaging

Trying out Wish lip and cheek tint as a lip stain and blusher

Helpful hints: 

  • Seal the tube TIGHTLY.  Otherwise, all the stuff around your lip and cheek tint tube gets an instant flush, too! Not nice.
  • Tone down cheek color if you overapplied by putting powder on top of it. This also allows a less greasy/sticky cheek.
  • Hold the Wish lip and cheek tint tube upright (capped part on top) when squeezing out the product. And please don't squeeze like there's no tomorrow.
If you feel like Wish lip and cheek tint in Magic Red didn't work for you, you might want to opt for their Strawberry variant instead. I'm eager to try it too since it has a more subdued color, the perfect antidote to always overapplying this reviewed variant.

Online Shopping At ASOS



I'm sorry to be keeping The Beauty Bin from having its regular posts since I've been really busy with stuff these days including (drumrolls please...) ONLINE SHOPPING! No need to line up for long hours (hello, Forever21 Manila) and suffer from Manila's unbelievable traffic jam. Say hello to ASOS, a UK online shopping community.

I've been thrilled to avail of Stephanie's Free Shipping and 15% discount at Julu Jewelry during my last post. Now comes another treat, dear readers! ASOS will be offering FREE SHIPPING this Yuletide (I'm hyperventilating! That's already over £10 in savings!!!)

And the best part about it? There are cool cosmetics discounts for everyone. But I'm filtering through their wide range of clothing for now and I'm snagging the best deals, too!

I'm carting this babe,errr, baby, below!

Alas, the long search
for a lace boudoir is over!
Perfect underneath jackets!

Can't get over jumpsuits? You'll lust for their collection!

Some articles and cosmetics may be a little bit pricey, but try skimming through the clearance stuff (for clothes, UK 6-8's are mostly out of stock, just check the drop-down menu) for the best deals. Some items are on sale, too (outside the clearance sale list) so be sure to check the rest of the items.

Coupon codes are available HERE to make your shopping a little less heavy on the pocket (gets the guilt out, eh?)

Huge discounts, free shipping --- shopping justified! LOLxxx Head to ASOS now!

My TCA Peel Timeline

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Q: How long do I expect the ugly peeling to take place after getting TCA peel treatment?

A: It really depends on (1) the percentage of the peeling agent (2) your skin's sensitivity to the chemicals (thin vs thick epidermal layers) and (3) the method by which your derma applied the TCA peeling agent.

Different strokes for different folks.  But on the average, the ugly peeling starts to be visible on Day 4 (my sister-in-law experiences large chunks of peeling skin as early as Day 2! See what I mean by different folks, diff'rent strokes?) and is completely gone after a week or a little over that.

Let's look at the factors affecting the length of time at which you'll start seeing the TCA peeling effect:

(1) percentage of the peeling agent.  the first time I ever had TCA, I was given 40%.  TCA peels are normally done at 20 to 30%. Now, does it mean that the higher the %age, the quicker it is for your peeling to commence? Yes, to some degree.  We'll have to consider factor 2.

(2) your skin's sensitivity to the chemicals. The thinner your skin is (meaning, the faster it naturally exfoliates or remove the dead skin cells), the better the chemicals will seep through the skin.  And so, if you have 20-30% TCA agent on your thin skin, you are most likely to peel "on-time".

(3) the method by which your derma applied the TCA peeling agent. In my experience, there is maximum peeling on Day 4 or 5 post-TCA treatment when there is no rinsing involved. Rinsing happens when the skin turns outrageously red from the solution and the derma has to subdue the chemical's effect by cooling the skin with iced water.  If your derma's very familiar with your skin already, you have higher chances of getting an optimum TCA application.  Another good method is to let the skin reach its frosted state when applying the solution (you may ask your derma about it). In my case, my derma patiently waits till the frosting of the skin comes up.  You don't ask the derma to put a thicker amount of solution (unless you want to increase the risk of burns).  You want her to go by her method until she reaches the frosted state.

Whew, that sure was long! And I haven't even discussed my timeline!

Day 1: sunburned look, may still mingle without being too conscious
Day 2: sunburned look, skin starts to become taut and a cling wrap-like thing starts to form on top of the face (but can still mingle without being too conscious)
Day 3: my skin really looks ugly. i feel like i've aged drastically. the cling-wrapped face is more obvious (start thinking about whether you want to mingle with others)
Day 4: peeling begins.

Day 4 post-TCA peel

Day 4: TCA peel photo under different lighting

Day 5: peeling on most parts of the face. peak of peeling.
Day 6: the old skin easily washes off when cleaning the face. peeling tones down and are only seen on the sides of the face (others will notice that you're still peeling). you'll appreciate the baby pink and smooth condition of your newly peeled skin against the peeling old skin.
Day 7: minimal peeling happening. okay to wear makeup (but i suggest you don't! enjoy the beauty of a baby pink skin! i actually can't stop looking at my face at this point, and sometimes on Day 6). go out and mingle! you've been living under the rock already!
Day 8: my skin is completely refreshed!

For those of you wondering if you can actually go out after getting the treatment, you actually can.  But be prepared to be oily (as you are supposed to wash the face 6-8 hours after TCA peel) and for pimple marks to show up.  I have posted a pic of me 4 hours post-TCA peel during the previous post, now here's a pic of my face immediately after the procedure.

Immediately after TCA Peel @ Doc Six Foronda's clinic

Ideal Time to Have TCA peels:
Since I have school/work on weekdays, I see my derma, Doc Six Foronda, on a Tuesday for TCA peels. I'm gonna be unpretty on Friday but I'll let them laugh at me until they see me back on the next work/school week! *evil laugh*.

I love TCA peel because it gives my skin so much benefits.  I really like it more than the Diamond peel since the effects are more long-term for every TCA session.

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