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November's Ending Real GOODY for Me!

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I'm all smiles with the new Goody Mini Spin Pin I got from the Goody event last Wednesday. I am very much considering this hair tool a major pre-Christmas gift to me! Akshwely, kahit ito nalang matanggap ko ngayong pasko, solb nako (I can survive Christmas 2011 with just this gift)! Yes, I'm that easy to please, hee. (For the non-tangible gift this Xmas, I want my bestfriend back... I still cry out of the blue when I think of him)

Actual sizes of the mini spin pins I got. And jeeezz, I actually thought I was a redhead but Ms. Rochelle of Goody Philippines gave me the pins in blonde (it comes in 2 colors, blonde and brunette btw):

Goody Mini Spin Pins in blonde

After the event, I dropped by the Post to get some packages.

Lakas loob mag OOTD, mwahaha. Pagbigyan nyo na ang nagmumurang kamatis... siyempre kelangang sumabay sa mga bagets (I am not dressing my age, LOL):

You know I had to fix that belt :D 

Gray pocketed t-shirt Bench | geometric skirt SM Dep Store
tan faux leather bag Egg  | woven belt People are People

Hanep, lume-label pa ng outfit! 

Like Goody Philippines on Facebook or follow them on Twitter! I can't wait to talk to you about the fun event and on how great the mini spin pins were for my shoulder-length hair!

Beauty + Wellness + Food + Sports + Shopping + Freebies: Experience ALL in ONE DAY!

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This must be the looongest title I've ever put up for a post. But then, the event I'm talking about is pretty much all of these. One Hyundai Club (OHC) Life In Style is treating you to all activities listed up there and if these stuff do not excite you, I am damn clueless what else will.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the press launch but I heard from the other bloggers that SOME of the specific activities will be cooking demos, dining from fave restos (talagang all ears ako pag pagkain!), beauty (skin and makeup!) consultation, beauty makeovers (WOW.), wardrobe consultation for the guys and gals, arcade games, rappelling and wall climbing, kids activities zone, . Again, they're just some of the activities you'll be experiencing!

To get VIP slots for the lifestyle fair, sign up HERE

Mark your calendars and get yourselves registered today for the One Hyundai Club (OHC) Life In Style Event on January 14, 2012! Visit their Facebook fan page too to be updated for any promotions.

iFreak Out

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...because I've never sported hair as red as this! Remember when I had cold feet getting my hair colored with Light Havana? I've finally lighthavanasized my hair and I'm still adjusting to the screaming reddish color it gave me.

Under this kind of lighting, it seems to be brown:

damp hair | dried up hair
Hortaleza Coloring Cream in Light Havana

But in here, oh in here, you'll see my red-orange hair. I feel like a japayuki, huhu. (I'm sorry for the stereotype, i've no intentions to sound condescending. I'm just not as confident as most girls with brightly colored hair are).

I'm not used to having my hair dyed in this type of color. I know it's not as bad as I think it is, but the color is just NOT ME (read my hair advenchoorz here). Full story and product review to follow. 

For now, iFreak Out!

San San Age-Defying Lipstick in 03 Review

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Here's another product I got from the HBC 88 sale, the San San Age-Defying lipstick in 03:

Price: 106php ($2.50), may even be lower during sales!
Color: mauvey pink
Shade Range: 5 shades to choose from
Ingredients: Castor oil, candellila wax, beeswax, paraffin wax, lanolin, mineral oil, vit. a, vit. c, vit. e, alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), colorant and fragrance


  • perfect MLBB shade for most Pinay skintones
  • finishes to a flattering creamy gloss
  • no strong scent
  • photographs fairly nice
  • cute blue packaging for those who love blue (raises hand!)

  • emphasizes the lines and dryness of my lips
  • weak pigmentation, you have to apply more
  • not longwearing

The packaging isn't something you'll be raving about but it's wonderful to note that the San San Age-Defying lipstick's cheap tag does not reflect much on its elegant blue casing!

This lippie goes sheer on me even after two swipes. You will definitely need a lot of product to get a pop of that pretty MLBB color.

When swatching, you might notice that this color yields a corally shade:

But it's really more pinkish mauve when on the lips. And here I am sporting the poorly applied lipstick. This is perhaps to point out how the lippie emphasizes the lines on my duhrrryyy lips:

Kumiko Mae wears this San San Age-Defying lipstick color better than I do! Check out her pretty look! But hey, I didn't do so bad here, did I? Goes to show how perfect the color is for us Filipinas!

Recommendation. This is perfect for photoshoots but may be too grueling to wear during events because of its need to be frequently reapplied. This is a nice choice though for everyday wear to complete a barely there makeup look.

When using this lipstick, I highly recommend it against a great skin. Those with acne scars and pits must layer on a good foundation to create the illusion of a better skin. Those with naturally clear skin can do without makeup and just put this lipstick on!

Topping the San Age-Defying lipstick in 03 with a nice similar shade of gloss might just address the longevity of wear issue. However, since the lippie is already hi-shine, there might be a risk of creating over-the-top glossy lips.

Please Vote For Kookie


Kookie B., one of the girls whose style I love, looks fab in this wonderful oversized tee:

If you can, please vote for her HERE and HERE and add your comments (the entry with the most number of comments wins, you can comment twice)! but you gotta like Giordano Philippines' Facebook fan page first. Both local and international readers can vote! We still have a whole day to vote (voting ends Nov 22, GMT+8).

Thanks for your time, girls! I sure hope she wins. 

Win 3k Worth Of Nature Republic Products!


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Prizes in store: Nature Republic products amounting to P3,000 and a JGS Let Me Cry CD.
Visit their Facebook fan page to get the latest from the brand!

Nature Republic Lean Crack Nail Swatch

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During my visit to Nature Republic SM Fairview, I swatched their Lean Crack Nail in black. This was the first time I tried applying shatters on my nail, nahiya naman big time ang kuko ko!

Nature Republic's version of nail shatter in black (also used Bobbie Top Coat)

They have five available colors at the counter: baby pink, white, red, silver and black. I should've swatched on the white crackle against the red polish. This tandem would've been prettier, I think, versus the red+black stint.

Nature Republic Lean Crack Nail, 300php/ ~$6

I was hoping the ingredients would've been listed to make sure that it's big-three-free. You don't want Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP lurking on your polishes!

I used the shatter very sparingly and it gave me some large cracks. Also, without the Bobbie top coat, the entire number lacked luster. Oh, and please forgive the poor way I applied the polish and shatter, lol!

sans the top coat, under natural light

I've seen how the pink shatter looked like. Methinks this is how you properly apply nail stuff, lol, I feel so amateur looking at how well she painted her nails!

photo taken from Sharibelle's post on Nature Republic's Facebook page

So there's the swatch of Nature Republic's Lean Crack Nail! It's cheaper than the other popular shatters at 300 pesos (~$6)! 

Cleansing Oil Face-Off: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (Pink) vs Kanebo Freshel

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I'm thankful to experience cleansing oils because these cleaning agents have definitely contributed in reducing the incidence of my breakouts. I love the fact that the affordable Kanebo Freshel Cleansing Oil is at par with the Shu Uemura High-Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil in Fresh (pink variant) in terms of removing face makeup. 

But there are differences you might want to be aware of before going for the cheaper brand. I've tabulated the differences (and similarities) between these two Japanese skincare products:

Shu Uemura Fresh
Kanebo Freshel
plastic bottle, comes with pump, twist-type seal

plastic bottle, comes with pump, stopper-type seal
P1200/150mL @ Duty Free
~P1800/150mL at Rustan's

P720/180mL, goes on sale occasionally at 10-20% off 
abundant stocks at Shu Rustan's and Duty Free
limited supply at Kanebo counters over SM and Landmark
faint floral
Cleansing ability
excellent, removes eye makeup completely in a separate step

excellent, can remove traces of eye makeup at first cleansing
Feel (both will give you this slight oily afterfeel. you may want proceed to washing with facial cleanser and water (double cleansing) if you are uncomfortable with it)
during: regal, feminine
after: clean, soft skin, no taut face feel

during: cooking oil feel on the face
after: clean, no taut face feel
Ease of use
easy to emulsify, easy to rinse off
takes time to emulsify, needs more water when rinsing
Effects on Skin
no radiant effect
Degree of harshness
no breakouts, just a bit drying on the skin when used on a daily basis for a long period of time

no breakouts, less drying
Pumps of oil needed
1-2 for my small face
no less than 2 pumps for my small face

Whether it be Shu Uemura or Kanebo Freshel, you'll get the benefit of a squeaky clean, near-pimple-free face! Personally, I prefer the Shu Uemura cleansing oil because radiance is pretty priceless (and I'm really lazy to work up the Kanebo oil into a soapy state). 

Upcoming Bazaars 2011

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1) Luxe Pre-Christmas Sale, November 19, 2011  (I hope they have great bargains here. Check out the great brands participating at the bottom of the poster):

2) Bellevue Christmas Bazaar, November 25 - December 4, 10AM-9PM. Most of the girl are gushing how sulit this bazaar is! Here's the map to the bazaar location.

3) St James the Great Cuenca Bazaar, November 26-30, 9AM-9PM.

4) Bloggers United, December 3, 2011, 11AM-10PM. Click on the poster for their FB fan page :)

If you're planning to go to any of these bazaars, do tell me! And please drop by HBC for their 250 for three promo! It's a great way to stock up on your beauty essentials.

I Buried My Best Friend Last Sunday



While the neighbours (and the entire Philippines) cheered for Pacquiao last Sunday, I cried hard from losing my decade-long best friend, Boggart. By the afternoon, I wiped all the tears away knowing that he's in dog heaven, free from all strife.

It's hard to lose a friend like you
Because no one else listens to me the way you do
and because you're the only legit to lick me when I cry.

I cry hard because I still want to walk with you,
I still want to startle you by my abrupt running,
and see you catch up with me, even beating me to it.
I cry hard because I've so much plans for your retirement years
like saving up for Science Diet sacks to keep you healthy 
despite your being over 90.

I cry hard because all I can do now is dream of you
or relive the fun and hard times we've been through.
I cry hard because I love you,
and hugely because I will sorely miss you.

RIP Boggart, 11.13.11. I know how much you love to run like the wind. I watched you do it. Until it came to a point that old age slowed you down a bit, but you tried hard, still. But last week, you silently told me you can no longer run while you stared at me as I playfully ran back and forth in front of you. You never told me how stupid I looked that evening. I will forever love you and keep our happy memories, until that day when I no longer have to miss you because we can chase the wind again, together.

Nature Republic SM Fairview Grand Opening Event

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Last Friday, I was able to attend Nature Republic Philippines' grand opening at SM Fairview. I was surprised that they opened a branch in this area when there's already one at SM North EDSA, but I'm thankful nonetheless. 

Marjorie Lee and Tad Huang for the ribbon-cutting of their 3rd branch

I didn't get the name of the priest who graced the event and blessed the boutique. It was too cute of him to check out the accessories section of the store, hehehe!

It didn't take long before the store got bustling with eager girls! 

Like most Korean products, the brand combines state-of-the-art technology in beauty with high-grade natural products to create a whole line of skincare and makeup. I think what sets them apart from the other brands is their ability to utilize a longer list of hard-to-find and unique natural ingredients. Aaaaand, Nature Republic has tons of good products, MUA must-haves even, that are more affordable compared to the other Korean beauty brands.

The shop's interior is reminiscent of every Korean beauty store I've visited (Skinfood, Missha, The Face Shop, Etude House, and Tony Moly). But I love their informative bricked-wall portion:

Nature Republic boasts of the diverse natural ingredients they use
you may click photo to enlarge

Here I am checking out the famous Aloe Vera tub on the wall display. I already told you that this ran out very, very quickly, didn't I?  Also, I'm happy that I was assisted by the shop's helpful SA. 

Here are some tidbits on the brand's timeline:

  • Jun 2006~Feb 2009 : Preparation for Brand Launch 
  • Apr 2009 : 1st store opened at Myung-dong, South Korea 
  • May 2009 : Overseas store opened in Taiwan 
  • Jul 2009 : Opened the biggest Myung-dong World store in Korea 
  • Oct 2009 : Overseas store opened in Thailand 
  • Jan 2010 : Overseas store opened in Malaysia 
  • Mar 2011 : Overseas store opened in Cambodia 
  • April 2011: Brand launched in Japan 
  • Sep 2011 : Overseas store opened in Philippines
I will be sharing tons of stuff soon about their awesome ingredients. I also have more photos of what's in store for you when you visit Nature Republic! Right now, you may want to check out their Facebook page or Twitter for updates!

I look so EMO on that corner while I secured some shots for the blog!

I enjoyed the entire time I was inside the store! I will not hesitate to secure a membership card once I'm done testing the stuff I bought (so far, I'm lovin each and everyone of em!!!). I'm pretty sure most of you are hoping that they'd open Nature Republic in Ortigas or Makati... let's all cross our fingers that they soon do.

Nature Republic Philippines' Branches and Contact Numbers:
Festival Mall Alabang, G/F, 822-2953
SM North EDSA, The Block, 3/F, near People are People/Flavours Of China, 921-4781
SM Fairview, Main Building, G/F, across Chinabank, 921-3829

HBC Holiday Treats: Shop-A-Gift



HBC has proven to be one of the beauty stores that frequently treat their consumers rather frequently. I got word that they'll be on sale starting tomorrow!

Items on sale will include soaps, hair coloring and styling products, galenicals, facial cleansers, makeup and scents. Any 3 items from these SALE treats will cost you 250php, plus, you get a FREE environment-friendly Christmas tote!

Also, if you'd love to get your hands on Hortaleza Professional products, you can join these bloggers' giveaways: Thiamere's, Aya's, Dawn and Tracy's, and Kumiko Mae's!

To get updates on HBC's latest sales and promos, visit their facebook and website.

Fringes, Bronzes and the Smokes

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Happy Sunday everyone! 

If you found the yellow painterly brows cute, check out these monochromatic chicas as they bring life to fringed necklaces, bronze accessories and that sizzling smokey-eyed look! 

Fringes, bronzes and smudged eye makeup go well together, eh?

Bench, Michael Cinco and Georgina Wilson On America's Next Top Model Cycle 17

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America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 featured Bench Body (bikinis and underwear for the epi's spread), Michael Cinco and Georgina Wilson during their November 9, 2011 episode.

Georgina looking so fine

Dubai-based Pinoy designer and ANTM host, Jay Manuel

These screencaps from the show are taken down from MindyTV. Get more scoop & photos by visiting her page.

ETC will air this Pinoy-studded epi on the 14th, 8-9PM.

Cat Cutesie 11.12.11

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For the girls I know (my photographer sister RachelPammy, Helga... whoelse?) who'd die to get their hands on this kitty's fur:

Who else, who else love seeing these adorable cats? If you love cats too, lemme know so I can menshun you in future Cat Cutesie posts.

Do you still remember my Cat Serial Killer post? That's a sad kitty post, noh?

Anyway, stay tuned for more feline cuteness!

Going Home With Jang Geun Seuk



I just got home from Nature Republic SM Fairview today and I'm encouraging those who live nearby to drop by the branch. 

I am unfamiliar with Korean stars and I will be googling who Jang Geun Seuk is, hehe

They have tons of freebies for your purchases. And they're BOGO on the masks (although the get-one is a choice of either the snail or brightening mask sheet). 

Freebies at the counter

Check out the polishes (65 pesos and 200 pesos! crackles are at 300/bottle), petit cherry rouge lipsticks, collagen pop glosses, bb creams and cleansing oils. They have tons of stuff to watch out for!

tons of stuff to give out. im not sure if SM North and Festival Mall has this much too

Now this, sadly, ran out of stock when I left the store...

Check them out at the Ground Floor Level, in front of Chinabank, SM Fairview. Nature Republic is also available in Alabang Festival Mall and SM North EDSA.

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