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Finally, A Local Beauty Subscription Box --- The SaladBox!


I still remember how I fancied having our own local beauty subscription boxes whenever I read posts about international bloggers opening their Glossybox or Birchbox goodies. There's truly something magical about opening beauty packages so I kept wishing I could experience the same thing. 

Birchbox- a popular beauty subscription box in the U.S.

And because this post's title give away too much --- yup, we now have our local beauty and lifestyle subscription box. It's called SaladBox!
For just PhP500.00 per month, a subscriber will receive a box filled with four or more beauty and lifestyle product samples. The SaladBox team greatly values the money their subscribers spend so these products will have a value of more than PhP700.00. SaladBox is currently in partnership with a lot of beauty and lifestyle brands, both local and international, up-and-coming and timeless classics. 
Much like the popular international labels in subscription boxes, SaladBox is more than just a subscription box:

  • subscribers who write their reviews will receive reward points in their accounts (called SaladLeaves) which they can use for purchasing their favorite products
  • SaladLeaves are also awarded to those who successfully refer new subscribers
  • weekly flash sales on lifestyle and beauty that are unavailable to other group buying sites

Monthly subscriptions are limited as they go by the first come, first served ruling so better make sure to get a slot today if you're meaning to get one (subscription for your very own SaladBox is now officially open). Don't forget to visit their website, twitter and Facebook page for the latest news!

PLDT MyDSL is Looking For Derek's Next Anna!


Breakups are getting unbelievable techie nowadays. If you have seen PLDT MyDSL's latest commercial on Anna's response to Derek's Youtube video, you'll feel bad for the poor guy coz her dream girl just dumped him right in front of every Youtube-ing individual.

Now if I were a youngster like Derek, I would be totally crushed. Heck, rejection via text messaging is difficult for me to accept so I can't imagine myself coping with a breakup video. But in a miraculous turn of events, Derek's family shows support for the heartbroken kid and seems to be pushing him to meet other girls who are far more interested in him than his classmate.


I wish I could do something for poor Derek too you know. But I barely know any girl teeny bopper I can make reto.

Now if any of you know teeny boppy girls aged 12-16, then you might just be able to help Derek recover from the heartbreak! All your referrals have to do is submit a video entry on why they should be Derek’s new Anna! If they win, they’ll be part of the next PLDT myDSL commercial and also take home a Samsung Ultrabook.

Visit for more details on the contest! 

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