Save Thy Rotting Clothes

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Malls are melting pots of a woman's compulsion to score for what she feels she needs (and denies the fact that it falls under the "wants" category). These places serve as homes to transient evil witches of every girl's wardrobe, chanting, "fill 'er up, fill 'er up!".

I frankly don't know how many evil-witches-of-the-wardrobe i actually have, but they've been working their asses off for the past few years based on the large number of unworn clothes in my closet.

I'd be happy to have these witches, if only I were the type that knew which pieces to splurge on. Thing is, im such a loser scoring clothes that I end up not wearing them at all!

I stare at the stack of tops and bottoms. I could see imaginary worms trying to bear holes on them. Mildew sits on every sleeve and hem. Molds start to form despite the fact that these are inorganic stuff.

Suddenly, an epiphany...

Everything out in the market are going sky-high already. Goods and services. Why would I want to waste my hard-earned money (well, my parents' hard earned-money) by not maximizing these things I've splurged on? I rummage through the stack (without the worms, molds and mildew now) and started to sort them out.

Going through my other "active" clothes, I picked out which "rotting" piece would still be "wearable" for a possible mix-and-match. I ended up with two piles, my "Rescued Stuff" to my right side, "Ebay stuff" on the other.

rescued satin top

rescued long-sleeved shirt

I start to tell the witches... "I win guys, you lose."

Nothing goes to waste now. Either I mix and match them with my current stuff, or I make money out of them. Haha.

The witches quietly retorted, "Money which you can again spend on one of those melting pots. Eeeeeeh, Eeeeeeh, Eeeeh, Eeeeeeh, Eeeeh!"

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