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MUFE Comes Up With an HD Blush

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High Definition makeups are definitely in these days.  Imagine my surprise when I found out about MUFE's HD blush, a new addition to their photo-makeup line.

Sephora website sells these 0.33 oz cream blushes at $25 each and captions the product with:


HD Microfinish Blush
What it is:
A cream blush that naturally sculpts and highlights the cheeks for a healthy glow.

What it does:
HD Microfinish Blush combines mattifying and reflecting powders to create a soft-focus effect for a 

radiant complexion. Its ultra-fine, second-skin texture blends seamlessly, imparting a healthy

 glow that's hard not to notice.

What else you need to know:
Formulated with evaporating oils, HD Microfinish Blush has a long-lasting result. 

Dermatologist tested. Paraben free.

Swatches here, click to enlarge:

It rates a 5/5, with its being natural-looking on the cheeks as its strongest point, in the site's currently 4 reviews on it.  I'm eager to read more feedbacks!

Sigh, don't you wish we had our own Sephora here?  If we did, it'll be a hell lot easier to compare this newbie with the famed NARS blushes!

How I Turned My Fanny Serrano Gel Liner into an HG material

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Early 2009, I've read a lot of raves about how smudge-free fanny serrano's gel liner is.  And so I purchased one right away.

Most bloggers, including me, would've considered this prod as a wonderful gel liner staple if only it stayed creamy long enough.  I noticed the gel liner hardening by the 7th or 8th week of usage.  And up until three weeks ago, this beauty product was simply stashed inside my drawer, boxed and a big part of it unused.

Fanny Serrano Gel Liner in Black, more or less 400php (~$8)

So what I did was:
1.  boiled 2 cups of water
2.  prepared a ceramic mug with a lid
3.  tightened Fanny Serrano Gel Liner's cap
4. poured the boiling water inside the mug, submerged the gel liner (and prayed that the product was truly tightly sealed, you wouldn't want water in it), covered the mug, and waited for 20 minutes.

The gel liner has a thick frosted container so I thought that it might be necessary to submerge it for a long 20-minute period.

And it worked!!!!  For a second, after getting it out of the water, I thought that I failed because it really didn't change much in appearance (hence, I didn't take a pic); however, I lightly glided my pinky on its gel surface and it actually felt like how it did the first time I bought it.

 I now have a creamy, inexpensive, HG gel liner!

An Update AGAIN on that Styli Style Line and Seal Eyeliner

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Hi girls!!!

Forgive my blog necromancing, and forgive me, too, for posting about my HG eyeliner for the 3rd time in a row.

I celebrated Valentine's Day with my family plus the bf at the mall.  We had lunch, watched Dear John (oh, brother.  I think I'm getting really old for not liking cheesy stuffs like this flick), had dinner, then screened another movie, Wolfman, to end our Vday.

So I didn't like Dear John that much.  But I was a mess inside the movie house for crying a lot.  My heart sympathizes with old people a lot (maybe because I encounter them always at work).  And so it always hits me when Mr. Tyree's all so alone and unappreciated by Mr. Good-looking-Muscle-Man (i didn't like him as John, sorry).  And don't asked me how I let out a whimper when John's father died. Ooooh.

Yes I was a total mess.  Or so I thought I was.

When my mom and I went to the ladies room, mom was complaining how swollen her eyes looked.  My eyes looked like they cried a lot too, but my liner barely budged off my lashlines! Weeee!  

Now I really really really am IN LOVE with it.

You know what to put on when out for a tear-jerking movie, ok?  I felt like I should share this "glorious" thing with you, too.

Thanks for STILL reading! :)

An Update on Styli Style Line and Seal 24



I used Styli Style's Line and Seal 24 Eyeliner in Black to tightline my upper waterline last time.  I experienced minimal smudging on one side after 4 hours or so, but it wasn't an issue that would make me unwant the liner.

I'm fell in love with it all the more when I used it yesterday to line my upper lashline!!!!  Boy, it didn't smudge, it didn't budge!

It was terribly hot and humid yesterday (it was around 30 deg C yesterday!), but my eyes stayed dramatic, pretty, and best of all, raccoon eyes-free!

Styli Style Line and Seal 24 is definitely an HG for me!!!!

Thanks for raving with me! *hugs*

Sporting a Natural Flush using Bodyshop's Tints and Maybelline's Mineral Blush

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Q:  How do I keep my Bodyshop cheek tint long-lasting?

A: I top it off with my Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals in Gentle Pink!

Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Luminous Blush in Gentle Pink, around 350php (~$7)

Swatch: no shimmers but it glows; luminous indeed!

It even has instructions at the box's back!

I dab Bodyshop's tint over the apples of my cheeks, then use Charm's stippling brush to get a small amount of mineral blush and dust it over the tint.... and voila!  A natural flush that lasts longer!

Here's how the tandem worked on my cheeks after an evening reunion (~6 to 7hours post-application; blotted twice):

Not as stunning as how it looked before going out; nevertheless, it still looked healthy on me
(this post has the amount of scars I had to cover up, scroll through the bottom)

What I used:
Clinique DDMG
Smashbox Photofinish Primer Clear
Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation in 302-65A
Aromaleigh URFP in Peaches and Cream to 'degrease' my face from the concealer
Joppa Grecian Gold Mineral Foundation
Aromaleigh URFP again to seal in everything

Still, The Bodyshop Lip and Cheek Tint!

My tattered and torn Bodyshop Lip and Cheek Tint; I love it to bits!  Surprisingly, this baby knocked out NARS powder blushes bad in my case...

I know there are a lot of people who are wary about getting this cheek tint because of:

application issues
dissatisfaction in color pay-off
some reviews that say it doesn't last long

But I hope you can:

try using a flat foundation brush to distribute the gel
experiment with building up its color
digest what I've reviewed because it can really last long

Because I believe that the Bodyshop lip and cheek tint gives the best healthy blush and I want you to experience it, too!

Thanks for reading!

Monolid Solutions: Tightlining with Styli Style Line and Seal 24+EOTD

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My usual small eyes got a little bigger with the help of my vivigo contacts, DIY eyelid tapes, and Styli Style's Line and Seal 24 eyeliner pencil!

Styli Style Line and Seal 24 Eyeliner Pencil
bought from at 70php (~ a few cents over a dollar)
methinks it's cheaper because this is the old packaging (check out the up-to-date version)

Swatching the liner's color; drew thin and thick lines, too!

Waterproof?  We'll see...

After sprinkling the swatches with water, I tried to rub it off.  It faded a bit (vs the first swatch pic) but it DIDN'T SMUDGE OFF

What I love about it:
It's as cheap as our local liners but has a waaaay better staying power (which we really, really need in this humid country)
It's so soft; it doesn't tug on the lids
Waterproof; wear it this summer on the beach!
No raccoon eyes when I use this to line my lashline (different story with tightlining though)

Uh Oh's:
First stroke isn't the nicest hint of black (but layering twice makes it more dramatic)
It only lasts a good 3-4 hours when used on the waterline
Goes OOS fast at boohooo.

Waking up with my monolids

No, my contacts aren't unequal in size.  It's just that my eye to your right has been tightlined (upper waterline only) with Styli Style Line and Seal liner.  Noticed the difference?  I could've made my eyes bigger with falsies, mascara and a curler!
Oh, and my smile emphasized my eyebags!

What I used:  
Dr Jart Silver BB Cream to even out skin tone
In2it eyebrow powder using the brow brush I 'created'
Undereye concealer 
DIY eyelid tapes (which I will discuss soon)
Styli Style Line and Seal 24 Pencil Eyeliner in Black
Vivigo lenses in hypersize brown

You might notice that I seem to be freaked out with my small eyes.  Well, yes, I am.  But I don't hate them.  I just know that they're capable of looking a lot better with a couple of monolid solutions like tapes, lid glues, falsies and contacts.

Thanks for reading!

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