On Freshlook Dailies and Mineral Makeups+ FOTD

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If you still remember my post on my dear friend Kristine's bachelorette party, I'd have to tell you that she already tied the knot last week!

Her wedding started at 9:30AM and I was late for the ceremony proper since I still had one patient to attend to.  With only an hour to spare for preps to her wedding, I pushed my luck on just  my amateur prettifying skills, mineral makeups and freshlook dailies contacts to give me some radiance that day.

And it didn't fail me! Yay!  My other childhood friend, Reina, sarcastically quipped that it was dubious that I'm out of time to prepare with the kind of makeup I was wearing.

The No -Makeup Look:

Clinique DDMG
Smasbox Photofinish Primer (Original)
Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation in 302-65A used as concealer on blemishes, pock marks & undereyes
Aromaleigh URFP in peaches and Cream using Charm stippling brush
Joppa FC Medium 3 using EDM flat top brush (2 layers)
Joppa Grecian Gold using EDM flat top brush (1 layer)
Aromaleigh URFP in peaches and Cream again to seal in all the mineral :-)

The Bodyshop Lip & Cheek tint patted on cheeks

Freshlook Dailies Contacts in Pure Hazel
Fanny Serrano black gel liner using Fanny Serrano angled liner brush
The Face Shop's false lashes
Fanny Serrano lash curler

Fanny Serrano clear mascara
Lancome dual eyeshadow (Noix shade) using Fanny Serrano angled liner brush to fill in sparse areas of brows

Now these shots were taken after the reception's program.  My lip and cheek stain's awesome job can no longer be appreciated.  My mineral makeup has made me look dewy, not oily.  My eyes, despite the lack of shadows, still popped with the freshlook dailies+flasies tandem.

Reina in her taupe dress, me in my floral number, and Kristine, of course, in her bridal gown.

The three of us have been friends way back Kindergarten days in Maryknoll Child Study Center.  We've been schoolmates/busmates for 12 years, too.  We've fought over stickers, snubbed each other during that time and even caused the entire schoolbus (including our seniors) to be divided as they took sides.  We've sang 'The greatest love of all' with what we then thought was 'voicing', pioneered trick or treating in our village, graduated and made our parents proud altogether.

These people are the closest to my heart although we barely see each other after college (we live in the same village!).  We may have new sets of people we hang out with at present, but we know deep inside us that we are genuinely bestfriends forever!

PS:  These were the pock marks that I had to conceal.  I just thought I had to share.  Natural makeup is very possible even if you have lots of blemishes and ugly, ugly, ugly scars.

Pock marks, pimple blemishes, and monolids.  The solution? (at least temporarily! =D) Mineral makeup, a good concealer, eye tapes and freshlook dailies!


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