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A Handy Guide to Withdrawing Money from Paypal

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I've recently bagged a small job online while trying to scan through a local forum. This home-based job pushed me to be on my toes all the time, juggling it with classes and home-care patients. It is quite a task I must say, albeit working in the comforts of your cozy room at your own pace. But I guess the best part of it all is that I get to be a part of some new-age, techie stuff called... Paypal. Needless to say, I've had the joy of withdrawing money from Paypal which makes me a little less ignorant of the world I live in.

Hah. I know. It must've been eons ago when Paypal hit the waves in the Philippines, but I do have a good excuse for getting into this stuff a little late.


Getting an account set-up with Paypal is easy. Signing up is free and it does not prompt you to immediately hook the account with a credit card (or an eon
card, in my case). Once you've registered, you might want to eventually add a card (I added an eon card two weeks after signing up) that Paypal will use to validate your identity with. As soon as you're verified (it took me no more than an hour), you're a few steps close to withdrawing money from Paypal!

(If you're a newbie asking where I got the eon card from, it's from Unionbank (UB). You can apply for that online or through a local branch. You'll be asked to present 2 valid ID's, fill out a form, and pay a 350PHP annual fee. Igot mine a week after I applied for it.)


Now that you've transferred your hard-earned online money to your verified Paypal account, you're an inch closer to withdarwing your money from Paypal onto your credit card/bank account/eon card (This step-by-step walk-through used an eon card from Unionbank Philippines):

Substep A: Once you're logged in, click on the "Withdraw" button on the upper part of your page.

Sub-step B: Choose "Withdraw funds to your bank account" as this is way cheaper than getting the money to my credit card (withdrawing money from Paypal to your CC charges $5 per transfer).
(Newsflash: I've recently checked that they've cut the grueling 5-7 business days processing time to 2-4! Whoppeee!)

Sub-step C: Add your eon bank account details on the next page. Be sure to fill out all fields correctly as Paypal charges for incorrect information. It took me some time to complete this part as I've called up UB customer care and verified the correct bank name and code. For this tut, you must key in "UNIONBANK OF THE PHILIPPINES" (not PHILS) under bank name, and "010419995" for the bank code. A list of the bank codes might be handy for you, too.

Clicking on "Continue" will get you to a page that requires you to review all the info you've typed in. If you're 101% sure that all data were keyed-in correctly, hit on "Add Bank Account".

Step 2: REPEAT SUB-STEPS A and B in STEP 1
Click on "Withdraw" and then "Withdraw funds to your bank account".

Check out the currency converter on this page to see Paypal's conversion rate. You're gradually inching your way to withdrawing your money from Paypal to your Eon card!

Hit on "Continue" and...

If all information are correct, click on "Submit".

Allow 2-4 (no longer 5-7 ) business days for the entire withdrawal to be processed.

You've technically succeeded withdrawing money from Paypal at this point, but you still need to get a grip on your cash before you can truly claim that you really went through withdrawing money from paypal to your card. I checked mine on the 5th business day (via ATM,I forgot to enroll with UB's online banking) and I got my money! Yay!

Goodbye, Gary

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"If you weren't real, I would make you up, now."

Among the very few people in my life that deserves this line is Gary. Randy and I devastatingly bid our goodbyes when Gary finally laid his physical presence against the earth today. As with all other necrological services, it was a highly emotional event that called for a downpour of tears.

Gary made us happy. Oftentimes, he made it an overly happy moment that we wanted to sue him for making our tummies hurt. Really. I can hardly recall a dull moment when we were with him.

We lost Gary before we even knew it. We knew of his cancer and his battle to survive, but he never told us the entire truth about it--- that he was racing against death. He was first diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer barely two years ago and underwent treatment for it. He told us that only a few people knew about what was happening with him, and that he didn't want anyone else to know.

He was such a con man that he was able to convince people, who heard about his disease, that it was just a big joke he's pulling. I could only shake my head in disbelief when I learned about every little detail that came with his illness during the funeral.

Today is among the saddest days of my life. Only a few could make me laugh hard enough to bust my guts out. It will be a sadder world without him. A sadder and difficult world as I continue to wonder why he never wanted us to share in his pain.

In this world full of hurts, I sure wish there's someone else to take your place that could brighten up our days. The only thing we can do is relive the joy you've willingly shared to us. We'll miss you much, Gary.

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