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Spending the Near-Christmas Holidays



We sure had a fun, long weekend, didn't we?  Now that everything's 'back to normal', it's just nice to look back and remember how we spent the holidays.  How did you enjoy yours?

I spent mine with Ashley, a 3-year old (28-years old in human years) siamese kitty :)

She's such a sweetheart! A ton of poses after, she gave me the eye ...

So much for playtime, I guess.

Battling Jiggly Arms On A Daily Basis

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Let me share with you what I do daily to fight back the natural tendency for a woman's upper arm to be  jiggly.  The Triceps Curl:

Except that I stabilize the area immediately before the elbow joint and not near the armpits like how it's shown above.  Using your dumbbell-free hand, support the area below the elbows, like so:

Photo Source

It's better if you support the elbow region by gripping onto it rather than using your fingers (the model looks awkward don't you think?)  My free arm would usually slide back from my head just so I can properly stabilize the forearm.  Joint stability when doing the exercise is very important to make sure that you are targeting the correct muscles and to avoid injuries. (It's just so hard to look for photos with the right exercise position)

I also use a medium-size mineral water bottle (filled with water) instead of my 1lb weights.  I do 20 repetitions of the movement (see first photo), rest for a few seconds, and do 2 more sets of 20 after that  (I'm doing 60 triceps curls with 2 rest periods in between).  I do this whenever I can during the day: during breaks in class, while watching TV, etc)

Photo Source
Exercise now before it leads to this!
  1. This exercise can be done seated or standing.  Please make sure to keep an erect posture all throughout the routine.  We don't want additional back problems, do we?
  2. Holding the mineral bottle (or 2-3kg dumbbells/weights), raise the arm overhead (keep elbow straight)
  3. The other arm slides at the back of the head to support the exercising arm's elbow region.
  4. Do the curls as shown in the first photo. 

If you are a beginner, you may want to start with a brim-filled small mineral bottle as weights, do 10 repetitions of the movement, 2 sets.  You can progress by changing the bottle size, bottle's water levels, the reps and the sets.

Thankfully, I have never suffered from flabby arms at this point. :)  Triceps curls exercise is among those I do daily to avoid flabby arms.  I hope this tip can help you, too!

P.S.  If you are already suffering from jiggly arms, there will be more exercises to keep the fat out and tone the arms (aside from revamping your diet). Doing the triceps curls alone will not suffice.

Julu-ized: Free Shipping On Julu Jewelry!



And not only that, she's also slashing 15% off Julu Jewelry prices, sitewide, and will be throwing in free delish crystal studs for every purchase!

I've known Steph, brainchild of Julu Jewelry, for quite sometime now through our beauty blogs.  I've always wanted to own at least one of her extremely dainty creations. This Thanksgiving Sale she's having is just the perfect opportunity to become Julu-ized!

Here are some earrings I'm eyeing on: (all pictures from Julu Jewelry Blog that you should check out to learn more about these dainty pieces)

With Love From Paris earrings
I am in love with the rivoli cut grey Swarovski + Indian Pink heart stone!

Deep Sea Blue Golden Bow earrings --- so regal!

Sparkling Bows and Hearts earrings; Since I want the  Deep
 Sea Blue Golden Bow earring above, might opt for the black one here.

Divine Angel Wing earrings
in Sapphire, Fuscia and Blue Zircon

Treasures on the Shore earrings --- so unique!
I'm used to red. black, white and navy blue for nautical stuff but the
 green crystal starfish together with the anchor is so refreshing to look at!

Some cute Korean studs that are from Steph's past collection.  I'd love to request for these, too!

Darling Sparkle Bows

Sooty Grey Owl Studs

I actually prefer those that Steph crafted rather than these ready-made Korean earrings.  It's such a nice thing to know that I'm wearing a piece (or pieces!) that was well-thought of and hand-crafted with love.  Steph is such a sweet girl and I will feel closer to her kindness if I get one of these!

I am currently winning my way into carting the stuff I want from the store.  Shop Julu Jewelry now and get these great deals before your fave pieces go OOS!

Note:  This is NOT a paid post. 

A Cheap Cut From David's Salon

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My hair grew in an unmanageable fashion to the point that those around me wondered why I loved sporting the disheveled look.  As a result, I've been endlessly tying my hair up in a ponytail or a bun.

pixelizing my ugly face; hair looks a bit ok in photos but not in real life

Last Sunday, I decided to let the cutters chop off the unruly chunk of hair that gives me that mahangin ba sa labas look.  I was feeling adventurous that day and went for the junior stylist that charged the cheapest.  I am normally particular about where I am having my hair cut and on who does it, but this time, everything just happened spontaneously.

     Me: Uy, David's!  Daming nagpapagupit ah (Lots of people are having their hair cut).
     BF: You wanna get a hair cut?  I'll wait for you.
     Me: Nah, that'd be too much.
     BF: Hindi ayos lang (It's okay), go ahead.

Seems that the BF really wants to get rid of my unruly hair --- and he gets away with it!

I got even more adventurous by choosing to get a bob.  I paid P168 ($4) for my new 'do and tipped the stylist fairly. I was so happy with the big savings I bagged. Who knew ad hoc hair decisions can sometimes cook up something special?

And here's what I'm sporting just recently.  It's really a low-maintenance bob since I do not need to put any hair primping stuff to make it look nice.  I just let it dry in front of the fan and in less than 10 minutes, I'm off to school!

If you are wondering about what hair color I used, it's Revlon's Colorsilk in Light Ash Brown.

I'm not the only one who had my hair trimmed.  This week, Crystal and Krissy sported new 'do's, too!

How many times have you turned up spur-of-the-moment decisions into groundbreaking moves?  It works sometimes, doesn't it?  It can be amusing to realize that we end up more disappointed with things that we planned for than the those we just whipped up in seconds.

Local Obagi Diary Week 2

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It's been over 2 weeks since I've been slathering the cheaper version of Obagi's clear, exfoderm and blender on my face.  I am using Dr. Six Foronda's glowing solution, glycolic cream, hydroquinone cream and retinoic gel.

The famous Obagi Trio: Clear (3), Blender (4) and Exfoderm (5)
Boyfie's mom quipped that the Obagi set is among
the best anti-ageing skincare line she ever tried

Here's an account of how the set fared on my face so far.

  • Days 2 to 4 - I noticed how my skintone became a bit darker
  • Day 5 - woke up to a more radiant skin; i'm seeing my usual skin color back
  • Week 1.5 - skin feels softer and less oily on the t-zone
  • Week 2 - had my TCA peel and the face doesn't look glowing and pleasant (despite putting on the topicals; ergo, the meds cannot prettify you once the chemicals start to work on your skin)
  • Week 2.2 - I noticed that I'm not itching to reach for heavy coverage liquid base; also, I normally put on smashbox photofinish primer everyday to help makeup stay put, but this time, I find that my mineral powders look nice on my face in its dewy form after long hours of school and commuting
  • Week 2.5 - still no improvement on pore size and skin color yet; noticed heavy pimple marks are showing hints of lightening

There aren't much to brag about at this point except that I felt my T-zone getting a lil less oily and the hydroquinone cream its doing its job in lightening pimple marks.

Photo taken @ Week 2 of using local obagi (a day before having TCA)
What I noticed: 7 hours after, I'm not my usual greasy self! There's some slight
oil on the inner corners of the eye and on the nose, but it's not that gross--- just healthy
I noticed the pimple mark on the side of the nose lightening a bit too

It's a good thing that I didn't have to go through the redness and peeling nightmare.  This affordable obagi works a bit slower than the much coveted trio according to Dr. Foronda (clear, exfoderm and blender), but without the downside that the original Obagi causes.

I'm currently on the last few days of peeling and my skin never felt better.  I can see the glow despite not having oral supplements for 4 weeks now.  I'm not so sure which of the two I should thank---- the local obagi or the chemical peel.  Well, maybe both! :)

P.S.  I'm giving away one more P2,000 Derma Gift Certificate for Dr. Six Foronda's derma services. It's sad that the first contest I opened had ONE entry and so I had to end the giveaway early and declare the faithful reader the winner (I hope you're happy with your GC, Shie!).  I hope you can join this contest sequel. :)

Win Whooga Ugg Boots This Fall


Keep your feet warm and stylish in your perfect pair of Ugg Boots.  If the very thought of wearing these furry footcandies scare you, let Whooga's website and blog page guide you to purchasing the perfect pair.

photo from Whooga website

Being vertically challenged, I'm choosing from their classic short collection.

Classic Short: Like the classic tall, the classic short design heritage lay in Australia surfing culture where comfort, warmth and ease of use were top priorities. The Short features the same inner sole, light weight rubber sole, fleecy merino sheepskin construction and suede reinforced heel. The calf section is shorter suitable for those with larger calves. The short is also better suited to warmer climates and those wishing to wear longer pants with their boots.

Anybody can get a chance to win a pair of sheepskin boots from Whooga by signing up for their newsletter.  A winner will be drawn each month and the contest is open internationally.

photo from

Zap the Oil: Purederm T-zone Mask Review

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I bought three packs of Purederm T-zone Face Mask several weeks ago at a discounted price. Although I really couldn't figure out what sheet masks do for my skin (there are no obvious and instant benefits, that's why), I gave in to getting these babies.

Purederm T-zone Treatment Masks available at Watson's

Purederm T-zone Treatment Mask promises:
  a pore refining action with each use
  oil controlling benefits through lactic acid, witch hazel and multifruit extracts 
  convenience of use

Directions for use:
1. Take out and unfold T-mask and apply on forehead and nose
2. Relax for 15-20 minutes and remove mask.
3. Gently massage any remaining fluid into skin.

When I opened the pack, I noticed that a good amount of bluish fluid was left on the sachet. Product wasted, I thought, and so I spilled the fluid slowly onto the sheet mask for it to be reabsorbed.

On Oil Control
I might have to argue with its pore refining claims but I have to agree that Purederm T zone Mask did the job in managing the excessive oiliness along my T zone area.  There was really nothing superb after rinsing.  I only appreciated the oil-controlling benefits 10 minutes after washing my face off, just when my oilies were supposed to conquer my face in full force.

The oilies are controlled only for a good 20-30 minutes, though.  You can make this weak point an advantage by using the mask before you apply makeup.  In this manner, it becomes less frustrating to prettify the face since your makeup is grounded on a clean, oil-free slate.  (remember to use a primer since this will prolong oil-control on the T-zone area)

Being A Day Mask
I've always labelled sheet masks as nighttime beauty products--- primping tools to relieve the face from the day's stress.  The Purederm T-zone treatment mask, on the other hand, is something I'd recommend before leaving home.  You'd want to be shine-free in front of others and not when you're around a bunch of pillows and teddy bears.

This mask can actually replace your toner --- but it can be a bit pricey if this happens!

On the Price
A single-mask pack costs P39.75 (almost a dollar).  Keep your toners and use Purederm T-zone masks during special days.  It can be a pain to spend almost P280 (~$6) every week for 30minutes of oil control.

Also, be on the look out for special deals.  I got these three on a bargain (Buy 2, Get 1 Free).  The downside is that they easily run out of stocks on racks.

Overall, this is a so-so product I won't be raving much about. I will recommend it to those with combination skin, but will think twice about telling it to those with uber oily t-zones.

I will buy a pack of Purederm T-zone Mask again, but will not stock up on these, as I will only use them on days I need special primping.  It's just nice to have another beauty product for combination skin types since most oil-controlling sheet masks can dry out our cheeks too much (which can be difficult to work with when putting on makeup).  

One More P2000 Derma GC to be Given Away! CLOSED


There's one more P2000 6F Aesthetics Gift Certificate awaiting a winner!

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Maximizing the Effects Of Asian Lulur Whitening Scrub

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The first time I got my hands on Asian Secrets Lulur, I got so excited that I forgot to read the label.  I used it on my damp skin and was not too happy with the results.

My skintone went surprisingly darker after bathing.  I suddenly questioned why so many raved about it, but then I thought I shouldn't judge too early.

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrub, 135g tub

Lo and behold, the label read, 'best applied on dry skin'.  And the rest is history.  It's now among my staple beauty products and I eventually discovered the best way it can work for the skin.

If you want to experience the best of what this product can offer your skin, here are some tips:
  • If you are gaga about whitening soaps, creams and lotions, then you should exfoliate the skin at least twice a week to get those expensive products working.  Asian Secrets Lulur is the best way to go because it is safe for daily use (I do it every other day though because I don't want to run out of it so soon).  Imagine all those papain, arbutin and other bleaching ingredients seeping through your skin optimally.
  • Use the product on DRY SKIN. Many have used it after wetting the skin, myself included, and the results weren't as thrilling as when applied before bathing.
  • Use a spatula (or a teaspoon) in scooping the product out.  I noticed my small tub turning sour since I just dip my hands to get the product.
  • Scrub per body segment instead of randomly slathering the product to your body.  This is crucial to make sure you are not missing out a spot on your skin (ha, I'm so OC!).  Think: (1) shoulders and arms, (2) upper leg, (3) lower leg and dorsum of foot, (4) low back and butt area, (5) chest and tummy.  Put this body map in your head when scrubbing and you're in for a serious brightening treat. It seems a lot at first, but when you do it often, it'll be a breeze, really.
Body diagram edited from this page
  • Scrub the skin well till almost all the beads melt into the skin.  You'll know it's time to move on to the next segment if you start seeing flaky white remnants of the product.
nope, that's not the 'flaky, white remnants yet'
 if you still see this much product on the skin, you're at least 10 scrubbing strokes away from completion
  • Use Asian Secrets Lulur generously on the skin.  Generously. (that's why I feel that the tubs aren't cost-efficient. i can finish up one small tub in 5 whole-body scrubbing sessions)
  • Let the product seep through the skin for a few minutes.  You'll know it's time to wash off when you feel the skin growing warmer (approx 4mins).
  • If you have decided to stock on the product, grab the bigger tub.  You save more by doing this.
  • It isn't necessary to use this daily.  Results are carried over within 2 days post-scrubbing.  It's best to use this 2x-3x a week.  
Some users claim that they can work with the product better with the skin damp, while majority agree that the best effects are seen when Asian Secrets Lulur is used as a dry brushing agent.  The above tips are drawn from how I've been using the product to achieve a nicer and more radiant skin, but it is not limited to these.

You can try experimenting with your Asian Secrets Lulur scrub and see what works for you!

Asian Secrets Lulur Review: The Greatest Exfoliation Experience

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The title must have given it all already.  By now you must've guessed that I'm giving this product a two-thumbs up rating with the tagline inclusion, "the greatest exfoliation experience".  Well, Asian Secrets Lulur is simply that.  For those who are looking for a skin brightening experience that's easy on the pocket, this might be the tub you'll need to stock up on.

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub, 250g and 135g
available @ Watson's Beauty Store, 130php and 80php respectively

This exfoliator, unlike the Abonne milk spa salt scrub I reviewed earlier, isn't harsh on the body.  Submaximum scrubbing can be done since the beads are finer and easier on the skin.  We all know how beneficial dry scrubbing is to the skin, and Asian Secrets Lulur elevated this essential primping procedure to a higher level.  

Why so?  Because the skin feels nothing but regal with the Tommy girl floral scent it leaves the skin (and it sure does linger!).  Adding to that is the radiance the skin gets after washing the product off the body.

you'll definitely leave the bathroom smelling like you've put on Tommy girl

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub is a beauty treatment inspired by a most luxurious Javanese ritual called Lulur. The ritual was originally intended for the bride-to-be in order to beautify, smoothen, and whiten her skin before her wedding day. Lulur originated from the royal palaces of Java, Indonesia and products inspired by this traditional treatment are still used by Indonesian women today.
An Indonesian royalty ritual rolled in an inexpensive tub?  Sounds real promising, huh?  And here's more.

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub claims that:

  • It gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells to soften the skin and give it a radiant glow.
  • Frequent usage reduces skin pigmentation and evens out skin tone by getting rid of dark patches, especially in areas prone to darkening such as the elbows, knees, armpits, and the area between the thighs.
  • It contains Vitamin E and Green Tea extract, powerful antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals to keep it healthy and young-looking.
  • It also contains Squalene and Olive Oil that help maintain moisture on your skin.

I've been using this product for more than a month now (hence, the purchase of a new and bigger tub).  I loved the way the scent lingers on the skin.  It's like you've spritzed on perfume after bathing (but if you hate Tommy girl's scent, you might be better off with Abonne spa milk salt scrub).

I noticed how it evened out my skintone every after scrub like there's no dark film masking the radiance of my skin.  However, if you skip dry brushing using Asian Secrets Lulur 3 days in a row, you'll see how the skin's radiance diminishes.

The available tubs are not cost-efficient for me, though.  They should come up with bigger packaging (I will not hesitate to buy a pail of Asian Secrets Lulur, seriously) because this product is a keeper.  I finished off the small tub in a span of 7 whole-body scrub sessions.  I have yet to gauge how long the 250g tub will last me.

Asian Secrets Lulur whitening scrub, 135g --- perfect for giving the product a shot
Now, the big question is if it's worthy to be labelled, "whitening body scrub".  In a month's time, I can attest that it is, coupled with a moisturizing lotion (I use Revlon Aquamarine) and a whitening soap.  It has the power to really brighten the skin and make it look relatively translucent to your previous skintone that's why I'm claiming that it can whiten.

In my opinion, its whitening effect can be best appreciated with NC30 and lighter skin tones.  Application of whitening products, say a whitening soap bar (I use Likas Papaya soap), can help hugely to appreciate Asian Secrets Lulur's contribution to a brighter skin.  I've tried using just Likas Papaya soap sans scrubbing for a week and the whitening regimen just doesn't look and feel the same without it.

Check out what Pammy, Kira and Maria had to say.

Significant whitening results are not achieved using this product as a sole source for whitening.  
    Inside the tub: Asian Secrets Lulur is white and creamy!
    I will be posting the best ways to maximize this scrub to achieve optimum effects tomorrow, so stay tuned.  Try it for yourself and tip me off if I'm right about Asian Secrets Lulur being a cheap yet effective whitening product!

    The Longer, The Better

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    As promised, an outfit post on what I wore during the LG P500 Sale Fiasco.  If only I had a longer black cardi, the entire outfit would've improved, don't you think?

    Forever 21 woven top
    Topshop black cardigan that fell a little short :(
    thrifted denims skirt
    Landmark gray ballet cap toe flats
    Landmark coral shoulder bag
    The cute flats aren't super comfortable when I first used it several weeks ago, but I'm glad that it got tad roomy after 2-3 uses and housed my feet just fine during the long hours of standing in line.

    Landmark gray ballet cap toe flats, 500 (~$10)

    Also, I'd like to think that my newfound skin products are working for my skin!  I'm more than a week old on my local obagi set from Doc Six Foronda (weeee! no tocino-ish redness!) and a month and a half old on using Asian Secrets Lulur body scrub.

    Spotted: Wet n Wild Counters

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    I recently visited SM Malls and I was sursprised at how wide the array of their beauty brands have expanded to.  I feel that this revamp isn't new but I'm still giddy that SM Beauty Section has improved a lot.

    I've spotted several drugstore brands, Wet n Wild included.

    Wet n Wild is in the Philippines! Visit them @ SM Department Stores

    I didn't nose around that much, but I managed to sniff through Wet n Wild's available foundation.

    1. Wet n Wild Ultimate Sheer, 399php
    Photo Source

    Wet n Wild's version of a tinted moisturizer or bb cream.  Recommended for all skin types.

    2. Wet n Wild Ultimate Match, 499php

    Perfect for oily-skin.

    3. Wet n Wild Intuitive Blend, 599php

    The SA told me that this product is for dry-skin.  The label says that this is a Shade Adjusting Foundation infused with a primer.  That sounds promising for oily-skinned gals like me!

    I also saw Mineral Powder Foundations available.

    Foundation prices are relatively cheap, but a bit overpriced looking at how much they cost in the U.S. (sales tax+shipping included).

    Have you tried this brand?

    LG Optimus One 50% Off Sale: Scorned By Thousands

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    Including yours truly.  The LG Optimus One (P500) 50%off launch sale last November 13, for me, was pure rubbish. (SALE info: Optimus One Android phone, which is a cool phone btw, are on sale at P6400ish; the catch is to get your hands on it within 2pm-3pm)

    The boyfie and I still braved our way to SM North EDSA's Annex at 12noon despite knowing that we're too late for the 2pm-3pm LG sale.  We guffawed as we landed no less than 300 anticipating souls away from the concept store's entrance at exactly 1pm.

    LG Optimus One 50% Off Sale at the SM North EDSA Annex

    Last Man Standing: It's a tight competition!

    So we figured we'd just cover how this unbelievable sale would turn out.

    • The company's strategy was to list down the first 50 or 60 people (i think... im not so sure since I'm at the end of the line and I was blessed to hear a part of the instructions when I took pictures near the store's entrance) in line to ensure their chance on getting the Optimus One.  
    • Three customers will be served at a time.  If they're good enough to process everything in a minute (phone demo, payment and everything else) they can get 180 people served. 

    At the end of the sale hour, we concluded that LG did succeed in this scamming scheme.  Shame on the marketing people.

    LG's Optimus One Launch Sale Fiasco 

    I felt bad for the several people who made an effort to secure a spot near the LG Concept store entrance, and yet failed to get the much coveted smartphone on-sale despite being customer number 40ish.

    LG store front: Ooooh, I remember this guy in checkered polo!
     (see topmost pic 1st Quadrant... i hope he got what he came for... or was he just figuring out what the hullabaloo was?) 

    I felt bad for those who have been cheated in line.  LG did nothing more than to cowardly speak behind a PA system and deploy inefficient attendants (a few feet away from their entrance --- so how do you handle those people lined up meters away from the store who can't even make of what the huge PA system is saying?) who can't even answer my questions.

    Me: Are you aware of where the line ends?  Will you have some good soul one from your group to talk to those people out there what to expect, good or bad?
    LG guy: Don't worry Ma'am, we have a bunch of P500 units to give out within an hour.  If those people won't make it within the alloted time, we can still sell the phone at its regular price. 
    (good lord! And I didn't even get a sound answer for my question)
    LG Optimus One Sale's sure got everyone wonderin what the long line was all about
    (that line makes a U-turn towards the escalator area)
    I felt bad that SM North EDSA's LG store sold only around 15 units.  (LG has a Facebook wall and days before the sale, people were asking if the write up 'that only 50 units will be sold' is true.  LG neither confirmed nor denied. Ang showbiz ha. They assured patrons that they have enough units to sell people in an hour's time)

    I felt bad that the same thing happened in SM Megamall and SM Cebu. (I don't have news on Gaisano Davao's event)

    I feel like punching somebody. But the kiwi android mascot looks too cute!
    Lee Min Ho gets a tan, ho ho ho!

    I could go on and write about the feedbacks I've read HERE and HERE, but I have yet to validate these stories.

    But this is a beauty blog so I guess this post needs some anti-wrinkle pics (will post my OOTD in a short while --- well, lookie, HERE IT IS!).

    The only thing that made me happy was being able to not purchase anything from them.  LG has milked people off their time, efforts and trust.  If only I saw satisfactory efforts in cutting the line off where it should've ended, I wouldn't have sympathized with the persistent public.  All I saw was that the LG folks were basking in the glory of their schemes.  I am so ready to boycott LG.

    To those who are ranting their hearts out, don't let LG get the best of you.  You can curse them for all they care, but they will never ever admit the scam they did.  The best thing we can do is [BLOG/TWIT/FB] get the word out (including how some bigshot SM employees conspired to this) and then let the people decide whether to boycott or not.  We are very sure that thousands are already supporting the boycott, anyway, so relax... read about HTC/ Samsung/ or the upcoming Motorola smartphones instead.

    Meeting Miss Universe 2010's 4th Runner Up

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    It never hit me that I'd be able to rub elbows with a beauty queen ever in my life.

    But two days ago, during the Cream Silk event at LU Restaurant, I and some fellow bloggers came face to face with Miss Universe 2010's 4th Runner Up, Venus Raj.  I listened to her speak, admired the way she graced the crowd, and took a truckload of photos of her towering physique and gorgeous long black hair.

    Miss Universe 2010's 4th Runner Up, Venus Raj --- bubbly and beautiful

    Venus Raj's humble beginnings isn't new to most Filipinos.  Majority of us know that she came from a very poor family and struggled to finish college, cum laude.  I also learned that she grew up in a humble nipa hut home, devoid of electricity. She'd be walking to school along rice paddies daily, not minding the toll it took on her, but even thanked her Maker for the privilege of getting an education albeit the hardships.

    She truly is a fit choice to be ambassador for Cream Silk's Women Empowerment Program.

    LU Restaurant was where we spent the rainy afternoon in.

    LU Restaurant, serving Mediterranean Moroccan food
    Joya Building, Rockwell, Makati

    afternoon delights --- there were more treats but I failed to take a pic
    (so i placed the pic with the glass of water and flower to fill the space up)

    our table

    the set-up was fit for princesses that the guys almost puked LOL
    hats off to Franco Santos and his team for primping the entire resto with such dainty designs

    And I met great men and women alike during the event! 

    Sire of Your Majesty Sire and Leika of I'm Ready For My Close Up

    The guy who made it possible for me to score invites for the event
    Alvin of Cheftonio (left) and his friend

    My seatmate that afternoon, Sheila, of

    Finally, I got the chance to meet Phoebe of
    Been reading her web page since swipemesomegloss days

    Posing with Julia of Bless My Bag
    (i knew it! i've seen her on TV and she confirmed that she's with Living Asia)

    ZC Makati & Environs' Melanie deLeon and Carol Ocampo-Llanillo

    Chef Luigi Terry, owner of LU Restaurant --- such a nice guy!

    More event pics:

    Leika and Phoebe beaming with joy. Why? Pink Polaroid brand Cameras.

    Above: Sire and Leika making chismis
    Below: Julia and Phoebe bonding through photography

    It wouldn't be complete without pictures with the down-to-earth beauty queen:

    Venus Raj together with Cream Silk representatives and the scholars

    I thought this black and white version of Phoeb's pose with Venus looked nice

    Venus Raj and a very frumpy me! I look like her muchacha
    the trick to make it past through Venus' shoulders? killer heels ive managed to pull out of a baul (i'm a flats person)

    I am an events virgin.  I felt kinda irresponsible that afternoon since I was an hour late (my review professor didn't let us go on time! + the rainy afternoon's crazy traffic). *shakes head*

    It's so nice to know that this first experience is an unforgettable and a fruitful one.  The Empowered Filipina event gifted me with the revelation of how I've been a contributor to Cream Silk's scholarship program for the past two years now to give hope to young girls who are denied of their right to an education.

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