Local Obagi Diary Week 2

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It's been over 2 weeks since I've been slathering the cheaper version of Obagi's clear, exfoderm and blender on my face.  I am using Dr. Six Foronda's glowing solution, glycolic cream, hydroquinone cream and retinoic gel.

The famous Obagi Trio: Clear (3), Blender (4) and Exfoderm (5)
Boyfie's mom quipped that the Obagi set is among
the best anti-ageing skincare line she ever tried

Here's an account of how the set fared on my face so far.

  • Days 2 to 4 - I noticed how my skintone became a bit darker
  • Day 5 - woke up to a more radiant skin; i'm seeing my usual skin color back
  • Week 1.5 - skin feels softer and less oily on the t-zone
  • Week 2 - had my TCA peel and the face doesn't look glowing and pleasant (despite putting on the topicals; ergo, the meds cannot prettify you once the chemicals start to work on your skin)
  • Week 2.2 - I noticed that I'm not itching to reach for heavy coverage liquid base; also, I normally put on smashbox photofinish primer everyday to help makeup stay put, but this time, I find that my mineral powders look nice on my face in its dewy form after long hours of school and commuting
  • Week 2.5 - still no improvement on pore size and skin color yet; noticed heavy pimple marks are showing hints of lightening

There aren't much to brag about at this point except that I felt my T-zone getting a lil less oily and the hydroquinone cream its doing its job in lightening pimple marks.

Photo taken @ Week 2 of using local obagi (a day before having TCA)
What I noticed: 7 hours after, I'm not my usual greasy self! There's some slight
oil on the inner corners of the eye and on the nose, but it's not that gross--- just healthy
I noticed the pimple mark on the side of the nose lightening a bit too

It's a good thing that I didn't have to go through the redness and peeling nightmare.  This affordable obagi works a bit slower than the much coveted trio according to Dr. Foronda (clear, exfoderm and blender), but without the downside that the original Obagi causes.

I'm currently on the last few days of peeling and my skin never felt better.  I can see the glow despite not having oral supplements for 4 weeks now.  I'm not so sure which of the two I should thank---- the local obagi or the chemical peel.  Well, maybe both! :)

P.S.  I'm giving away one more P2,000 Derma Gift Certificate for Dr. Six Foronda's derma services. It's sad that the first contest I opened had ONE entry and so I had to end the giveaway early and declare the faithful reader the winner (I hope you're happy with your GC, Shie!).  I hope you can join this contest sequel. :)


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