A Cheaper Set of Obagi Topicals

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When I paid Dr. Six Foronda a long overdue derma visit last Saturday, I noticed how glowing and supple one of her patients' skin was.  It reminded me of Obagi skin care users.  The fact that the girl still had envious skin after walking out flushed from a treatment, I knew I had to get dibs on that client's possible treatment secret.

According to my derma, her treatment was pretty much what I'm having --- except for the topicals.

Cheaper Obagi: Doc Six Foronda's glycolic acid cream 10%, Hydroquinone cream 2%, Retinoic acid 0.1% (forgot to take a pic of the glowing solution; Hamilton sunblock isn't really a part of it... she says you can use any other powerful sunblock)
You see, I just couldn't give up on skincare-hopping to be just sticking to derma meds.  I love fancier packagings like Clinique's and L'occitane's that I never bothered to consider that content has much more to offer than what's on the outside (oh why are derma meds in ugly plastic tubs?).

The girl, Dr. Foronda says, has been on glowing solution, glycolic, hydroquinone and retinoic acid topicals that she's been trying to convince me to use (although I've been faithfully using retinoic acid and cannot live without this).  It's pretty much Obagi--- minus the steep price and the popular facial redness.  I can't believe I've been putting this line off my skincare regimen for years!

Glycolic acid cream, 350php; hydroquinone, 400; Retinoic acid gel 450;
I got 10% off my meds, too!
Cheaper Obagi costs me no more that 1200php
Obagi counterparts Clear, Exfoderm and Blender will cost me a whopping 15,000php!

I've started using the line last Sunday evening.  The derma says it wouldn't be as quick-acting as the obagi set but a difference in the skin texture, tone and overall radiance can happen a little over a month's time.

Right now, my skin is in its regular blaah state.  I will be posting updates on how my skin fares with this affordable Obagi line from Dr. Six Foronda.  My skin has greatly improved though from my old zitful, reddish and blemished college face (I wish I had pics), but you know how girls are--- will not stop to achieve perfection.


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