LG Optimus One 50% Off Sale: Scorned By Thousands

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Including yours truly.  The LG Optimus One (P500) 50%off launch sale last November 13, for me, was pure rubbish. (SALE info: Optimus One Android phone, which is a cool phone btw, are on sale at P6400ish; the catch is to get your hands on it within 2pm-3pm)

The boyfie and I still braved our way to SM North EDSA's Annex at 12noon despite knowing that we're too late for the 2pm-3pm LG sale.  We guffawed as we landed no less than 300 anticipating souls away from the concept store's entrance at exactly 1pm.

LG Optimus One 50% Off Sale at the SM North EDSA Annex

Last Man Standing: It's a tight competition!

So we figured we'd just cover how this unbelievable sale would turn out.

  • The company's strategy was to list down the first 50 or 60 people (i think... im not so sure since I'm at the end of the line and I was blessed to hear a part of the instructions when I took pictures near the store's entrance) in line to ensure their chance on getting the Optimus One.  
  • Three customers will be served at a time.  If they're good enough to process everything in a minute (phone demo, payment and everything else) they can get 180 people served. 

At the end of the sale hour, we concluded that LG did succeed in this scamming scheme.  Shame on the marketing people.

LG's Optimus One Launch Sale Fiasco 

I felt bad for the several people who made an effort to secure a spot near the LG Concept store entrance, and yet failed to get the much coveted smartphone on-sale despite being customer number 40ish.

LG store front: Ooooh, I remember this guy in checkered polo!
 (see topmost pic 1st Quadrant... i hope he got what he came for... or was he just figuring out what the hullabaloo was?) 

I felt bad for those who have been cheated in line.  LG did nothing more than to cowardly speak behind a PA system and deploy inefficient attendants (a few feet away from their entrance --- so how do you handle those people lined up meters away from the store who can't even make of what the huge PA system is saying?) who can't even answer my questions.

Me: Are you aware of where the line ends?  Will you have some good soul one from your group to talk to those people out there what to expect, good or bad?
LG guy: Don't worry Ma'am, we have a bunch of P500 units to give out within an hour.  If those people won't make it within the alloted time, we can still sell the phone at its regular price. 
(good lord! And I didn't even get a sound answer for my question)
LG Optimus One Sale's sure got everyone wonderin what the long line was all about
(that line makes a U-turn towards the escalator area)
I felt bad that SM North EDSA's LG store sold only around 15 units.  (LG has a Facebook wall and days before the sale, people were asking if the write up 'that only 50 units will be sold' is true.  LG neither confirmed nor denied. Ang showbiz ha. They assured patrons that they have enough units to sell people in an hour's time)

I felt bad that the same thing happened in SM Megamall and SM Cebu. (I don't have news on Gaisano Davao's event)

I feel like punching somebody. But the kiwi android mascot looks too cute!
Lee Min Ho gets a tan, ho ho ho!

I could go on and write about the feedbacks I've read HERE and HERE, but I have yet to validate these stories.

But this is a beauty blog so I guess this post needs some anti-wrinkle pics (will post my OOTD in a short while --- well, lookie, HERE IT IS!).

The only thing that made me happy was being able to not purchase anything from them.  LG has milked people off their time, efforts and trust.  If only I saw satisfactory efforts in cutting the line off where it should've ended, I wouldn't have sympathized with the persistent public.  All I saw was that the LG folks were basking in the glory of their schemes.  I am so ready to boycott LG.

To those who are ranting their hearts out, don't let LG get the best of you.  You can curse them for all they care, but they will never ever admit the scam they did.  The best thing we can do is [BLOG/TWIT/FB] get the word out (including how some bigshot SM employees conspired to this) and then let the people decide whether to boycott or not.  We are very sure that thousands are already supporting the boycott, anyway, so relax... read about HTC/ Samsung/ or the upcoming Motorola smartphones instead.


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