A Bonne Spa Milk Power Salt Scrub

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I love this product because of the wonderful milky scent it gives my skin after baths.  A Bonne Spa Milk Power Salt Scrub is so cheap at 80+php, you wouldn't think twice about buying a product that's both whitening and firming!

A Bonne Spa Milk Power Salt Scrub, 300g, 80+php (~$1.50)
available at Watson's and in most supermarts
Directions: Apply gently to wet skin in circular movement.  Leave on for 3 minutes, and then rinse off with water.
The product boasts of a powerful triumvirate that works to keep your skin fair and firm: Allantoin that scrapes off impurities, dead skin cells, and helps in blood circulation; Milk Proteins that keeps the skin smooth and moisturized; and Dermawhite that leaves the complexion bright, refined and evened out.  Collagen extracts are also present to fade out visible lines and wrinkles.

A Bonne Milk Power scrub contains micronized salts that will help you exfoliate the skin well.  I just had a problem applying this product on its own because of its unrefined salt crystals.  It was too "sharp" for my liking.

A Bonne's Spa Milk Salt Scrub crystals
The antidote is to mix this with a liquid soap (try Johnson's baby milk bath just to reinforce the creamy, milky scent).  Scrubbing is less painful and you are able to give yourself optimum exfoliation.

What I love about it:
  • the scent is just so addicting
  • delivers well in exfoliating the skin, and as a result, a brighter-looking skin
  • cheap and locally available
  • skin feels soft and supple after scrubs
  • value for money - 80 bucks for 300g

  • can hurt the skin without other diluting agents other than water
  • the pretty scent does not linger long on the skin
  • before bathing, get a handful amount of salt into a plastic bowl to avoid wetting the product (also, this is where you can mix the salt with the Johnson's baby milk bath)
  • avoid getting the product over wounds or popped zits --- it can sting

I'm halfway through the bottle and I'm still not seeing significant whitening or firming effects.  But it is too early to tell.  As of now, I'm wishing that Abonne's Spa Milk Salt Scrub has a more lingering scent.  You'll understand what I mean if you get to come across this product.


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