Maximizing the Effects Of Asian Lulur Whitening Scrub

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The first time I got my hands on Asian Secrets Lulur, I got so excited that I forgot to read the label.  I used it on my damp skin and was not too happy with the results.

My skintone went surprisingly darker after bathing.  I suddenly questioned why so many raved about it, but then I thought I shouldn't judge too early.

Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrub, 135g tub

Lo and behold, the label read, 'best applied on dry skin'.  And the rest is history.  It's now among my staple beauty products and I eventually discovered the best way it can work for the skin.

If you want to experience the best of what this product can offer your skin, here are some tips:
  • If you are gaga about whitening soaps, creams and lotions, then you should exfoliate the skin at least twice a week to get those expensive products working.  Asian Secrets Lulur is the best way to go because it is safe for daily use (I do it every other day though because I don't want to run out of it so soon).  Imagine all those papain, arbutin and other bleaching ingredients seeping through your skin optimally.
  • Use the product on DRY SKIN. Many have used it after wetting the skin, myself included, and the results weren't as thrilling as when applied before bathing.
  • Use a spatula (or a teaspoon) in scooping the product out.  I noticed my small tub turning sour since I just dip my hands to get the product.
  • Scrub per body segment instead of randomly slathering the product to your body.  This is crucial to make sure you are not missing out a spot on your skin (ha, I'm so OC!).  Think: (1) shoulders and arms, (2) upper leg, (3) lower leg and dorsum of foot, (4) low back and butt area, (5) chest and tummy.  Put this body map in your head when scrubbing and you're in for a serious brightening treat. It seems a lot at first, but when you do it often, it'll be a breeze, really.
Body diagram edited from this page
  • Scrub the skin well till almost all the beads melt into the skin.  You'll know it's time to move on to the next segment if you start seeing flaky white remnants of the product.
nope, that's not the 'flaky, white remnants yet'
 if you still see this much product on the skin, you're at least 10 scrubbing strokes away from completion
  • Use Asian Secrets Lulur generously on the skin.  Generously. (that's why I feel that the tubs aren't cost-efficient. i can finish up one small tub in 5 whole-body scrubbing sessions)
  • Let the product seep through the skin for a few minutes.  You'll know it's time to wash off when you feel the skin growing warmer (approx 4mins).
  • If you have decided to stock on the product, grab the bigger tub.  You save more by doing this.
  • It isn't necessary to use this daily.  Results are carried over within 2 days post-scrubbing.  It's best to use this 2x-3x a week.  
Some users claim that they can work with the product better with the skin damp, while majority agree that the best effects are seen when Asian Secrets Lulur is used as a dry brushing agent.  The above tips are drawn from how I've been using the product to achieve a nicer and more radiant skin, but it is not limited to these.

You can try experimenting with your Asian Secrets Lulur scrub and see what works for you!


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