Dry Brushing is Soaked with Beauty Benefits!

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I've done a little experiment with dry brushing to check if it truly deserves an additional few minutes to my already long bath time.

I tried dry brushing for a week.
And then another week sans the procedure.
And then this past work week with it in my routine again.

The verdict: it's a must in my bath routine. Why? Primarily because I noticed how my skin looked softer and noticeably fairer when I combo-ed it with my fave moisturizing products. Dry brushing CAN boost my kikay products' effects!

Related effects of this healthy pre-bath procedure includes:

  • Removes dead skin cells allowing you to see a finer skin texture
  • Results to firmer and more radiant skin since it stimulates microcirculation beneath the brushed areas.
  • Ample amounts of blood distributed in these areas via microcirculation will mean more oxygenation. Imagine how much spas and salons charge us for oxygenation procedures!
  • Can serve as an adjunct to an alkaline diet program + regular exercise to ward off ghastly cellulites.
  • Stimulates the detox process that stimulates the lymph canals to drain toxic muccoid matter into the colon.

You may want to check how I do dry brushing.

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