Galleria Haul

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Although I'm not supposed to shell out a centavo on anything but a book, I got these babies from Galleria last Sunday.

The Bodyshop Galleria's SA did a good job on picking out a good concealer for a newbie like me. Instead of the product chit chats and sales pitch I normally get from beauty counters, she prepped my face for product testing. I could tell she was having a hard time covering up my scars using a concealer brush when she sighed, "The brush just won't work on these types of scars".

Ouch. I know. But I have to credit her for that. I'd pay for a remark like that over "Magandang-maganda siya sa'yo, bagay na bagay (It looks pretty on you)", when I can obviously see it's not.

We settled for the crayon concealer and professional sponge tandem. It did an impressive job in making my cheeks look flawless.

I'd love to show you another cutesy I got. It has the loveliest hand-made design a tank could have:

The tank is really lovely. Got it from People are People. It's an edgy tank top because of it's sexy back and fabric. I'm glad that my derma was able to successfully 'polish' my acne-fied back in time for this purchase.

I wanted to get 2 more lovely jersey tanks off the rack because of the pretty gingham patch sewn onto its neckline. I swear it's pretty. I would've had bought it, but then I'd have to forget about the book I'm originally supposed to spend my cash on.

Malls are evil. Really.


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