9-9-09's Socio-Political Gospel is...

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... Noynoy Aquino's declaration that he will run for President in the 2010 Pinas Elections.

It is most likely that he will win, and because of that, I am with fear. His untimely decision to run for the highest office in our country consequently gave birth to a multitude of 'buwayas' wanting to 'support' and 'advice' him. And mind you, when a political hand extends to help another, it's never for free.

Utang na loob ang pumapatay sa bansang ito.

I am deeply praying... that if ever he wins, that He won't forget to ask God for prudence and strength to say 'no', and that he will truly hear out his fellowmen's cries and act upon it.

Hmmm... it suddenly hit me... if noynoy loses, will we, pinoys, mob edsa grounds again?

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