Acne and Pimple Treatment Review: TCA Peel and Steroid Injection

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As narrated in my best oil-control products post, oily-skinned girly like me are sooooo prone to acne. And we hate it a lot! We're in an endless search for the best zit-zapping cream that can give us a big hug and tell us that the humongous pimple sitting on our cheeks will be gone by the morrow.

TCA Peels and steroid injections are my last hopes when all else fails (because they are quite expensive). Here are my before pics (the costs of sleeping soooo late! Lack of sleep+hormonal imbalance+being lazy for skin care routine are the culprits, I can tell) :

A closer view of what women's chins must never be: yes, there are pimples, and see how ugly and rough my skin is?

Acne-fied chin: In need of a good pimple treatment!

I never liked steroid injections simply because they're all about needles. And I'm just not a fan. But I needed those trapped pus out of my chin, and so I had to face my fear and give in to that sort of acne treatment. Gosh, of all the places, I had to get the needle right along my T-zone area! Great.

I received a 30% (or was it 40?) TCA for the entire face. I didn't take ibuprofens or anything beforehand, and so I took the burning sensation of the procedure like a man, erm, a woman. Boy, it really stung my face! To think that a cooling fan was already hovering at my face, it still felt like my face was against the gas stove.

45 minutes after, I got up with a harrassed look on my pimpled face. The TCA Peel and Steroid tandem did a good job in freaking me out, but I know they'll be giving me the results that I want. Cliche-ish, but... no pain, no gain.

3 days post-treatment:

Welcome to the jungle!: A not-so-resolved chin area where peeling adds up to the jungle theme

5 days post-treatment:

Minimal peeling, I'm itching to force em out, but that's a no-no! Can anybody see a difference now?

I should've taken a shot of my chin the following day after visiting my derma. I know most of you already know how steroid injections work like magic, but I should've archived a proof of its wonder! Anyway, the above shots were take 5 days after my derma trip, and I have to admit I'm happy. I do mind how obvious the peeling was on day 3 (and that people stare at you like you're some walking... well, peel girl. haha, i can't think of anything else to say!), but seeing a whole new "baby" skin relieved me. Plus the pimples shrank significantly and are already drying up!

Boyfie had his fair share of the experience, minus the steroids... he's got less complicated zits (If ever you're reading this... I'm sorry!):

such a darling to pose for me! xoxo

Acne and Pimple Treatment Review on:

TCA Peel:
  • Painful Procedure? Yes, but tolerable.
  • Length of Treatment: ~15mins
  • Downtime: depending on TCA strength (x%), peeling may take up to 10 days max; I normally have 5 days down-time at 30%.
  • Cost: 1,000 to 3,000php/session (it's a thousand bucks with my doc, buti'm paying 50% off...yipee)
  • What you'll fall in love with: takes old skin out and a rosy, smooth skin in place of it; pimple-busting/drying; skin looks thinner (in a positive way)

Steroid Injection:
  • Painful Procedure? Terribly painful! (Hindi siya kagat ng langgam!! Grrrr!)
  • Length of Treatment: a few secs
  • Downtime: None
  • Cost: 500-800 per shot
  • What you'll fall in love with: instantaneous effect on acne/pimple

(L): Before Acne treatment (R): 5 days after acne treatment
A proof of my extremely imperfect skin (click to enlarge): The after pic isn't drool-worthy, but this is the best that my skin can get

I love my dermatologist to bits because she makes the cost part of my review inkling to the positive side! These above prices are the usual ranges you'll be quoted when you derma-hop around the metro. I'm a lucky gal to have found a good doctor who is passionate about her craft, and who is already rich enough to even think about dermatology as a business!

Have you tried TCA Peels and the dreadful steroid shot? Or do you prefer other acne and pimple treatment? Tell me about them and I'll try them out, too!

My MD, a fellow Thomasian: Sixta Foronda , M.D.
6F Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Center
14/F Medical Plaza, Amorsolo St., Makati City


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