Stila Hits Manila... Soon!

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***UPDATE*** Stila goes live at Rustan's Makati, Rustan's Shangri-la, and Rustan's Gateway! Check them out!

It's been a month now since it has been rumored that Stila, a U.S. make-up brand, will be squeezing into the already crowded imported booths in Rustan's. Whichever Rustan's branch it would be, of that we're not totally sure. I'm betting it'll be up over at Rustan's Makati first... well hopefully, Stila opening syncs with the rest of the branches.

Here are the top 3 Stila products that got most girls swooning with joy:
(images from Stila website)

#3: Eyeshadow Pans ($18)

With over 40 pretty shades to choose from, these babies have been hailed by magazines for their great color pay-off. Accessories to match these eye enhancers are Stila's aluminum compact and refillable 4-pan compact.

#2: Lipglaze ($22) and Cherry Crush Lip& Cheek Stain ($24)

It's a tie between two lippies, pretty friends! The Lipglaze offers 28 yummy glosses in their famous lip pens. Glittery or not... take your pick! The Cherry Crush is both a lippie and a cheek tint. Hurrah, I can give my good old body shop L&C tint make-up a break. How good can that be? If you think that's good enough wait till you hear this:

This revolutionary multi-tasker not only moisturizes and protects skin with all important anti-oxidants (cherry and pomegranate extracts), but it beautifully reacts to pH levels in your skin and creates a personalized blush and pout. It's that perfect shade every time. - from Stila website

#1: Smudgepots ($20)!

Everybody loves dramatic eye make-up and a lot of girls can't stop gushing over Stila's smudgepots! Do you remember how quickly ran out of stocks??? Grrrr... I only scored one and nothing else to back it up. Frustratingly, Smudgepots in jet black is equally out of stock most of the time over the Stila site. That only means one thing. They're not manufacturing enough. These gel liners come in 6 lovely colors to match our ever changing mood.

If you'll notice, I've noted the product prices as well. I wanna watch Rustan's infamous mark-up on most beauty prods, checking how they'll fare on Stila's goodies.

Anyway, I just hope it comes out really, really soon (or is it already out?). I hope it doesn't end up like Missha (BB creams and Korean beauty stuff), who announced their Philippine launch last April 09. Up until now, I'm hoping they'll snag a booth at Megamall, as promised. I certainly hope Stila make-up products won't share the same fate.

How about you? Are you excited about this new make-up line, too? Tell me!

P.S. There are other Stila products' Filipino reviews you can check out!

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