The Curse of Asking for Free Samples in the Philippines

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I recently bought myself a Revlon Colorstay foundation out of haste and pure impulse. The girls over girl talk are raving about it and I was deeply sucked into the ugly blackhole of hopping into the bandwagon.

I dropped by the mall hoping I'd score a sample of it as I toted my tiny 5g cosmetic pot, but my being Filipino just blew the thrift plan away. Inabot na naman ako ng hiya! (I became too shy to ask for samples without buying anything from them) *sigh!*

Me: Meron ba kayong Revlon colorstay foundation na suited sa skintone at undertone ko (naks, undertone!)

Beauty Attendant (BA): Yes, miss, meron. Halika, me-make-up-an kita. Upo ka dito.

Me: *biglang hinigpitan ang hawak sa cosmetic jar* Ah, miss, hindi, gusto ko lang sana...

BA: i-testing ang shade? Eto ang match sa'yo... *sales talk, sales talk, sales talk*

(after the hefty makeover using a very nice shade of the foundation...)

Me: I-test ko lang yung staying powers niya, ok lang? Saka baka kasi umitim sa face ko yung foundie dahil acidic ako.

BA: Ay naku, miss, ang revlon 16 hours yan tumatagal lalo na yang may softflex. Kahit pagpawisan ka hindi yan mabubura, saka hindi na yan mangingitim kahit acidic ka pa.

Me: *ugh, bakit ba 'ko nahihiya na lumabas na lang after ng makeover?"

BA: Andami ng bumibili niyan pero walang bumabalik dito para sabihin na nagpimples sila o hindi tumatagal ang foundation sa fez.

Me: Ganun ba, sige kunin ko na.

BA: Lagyan kita ng eyeliner saka powder!

Me: Hindi wag na lang, nagmamadali ako miss, thank you. (while thinking: baka maibato ko pa sayo 'tong cosmetic pot)


There goes my P895 (or was it P825? I'm not sure.).

It's just too bad that 90% of the Sales Attendants here in our country would look at you with brows raised when you walk out of their stalls after asking for free samples. I'm no person who does her rounds at every beauty counter begging for a measly squeeze of their product, but I would really love to see attendants accommodate such request with an open heart.

I'm planning to sell my colorstay anytime soon because my skin looked ugly after I took the foundie off my face. Hurrah. I'll post a review of the product soon.

Have you had the same experience? How I wish it was easier to ask for samples here in our country.

Royally yours, Bleak


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