4 Hours Post-TCA Peel Look

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A lot of people are curious about TriChloroAcetic Peel (TCA Peel) but are rather reluctant to get the procedure because of fear that they might look unpleasantly weird after treatment.

I get TCA Peel from my derma once every 2 months and I must say that I'm cool enough not to mind the 1 1/2-hour commute back home accompanied by frequent peculiar stares from co-commuters.

Perhaps they envy my weird tan?

4 hours after TCA Peel Treatment

Camera's Flash erases the sunburnt look of TCA Peel

Yup, the post- TCA Peel look for me is more of a sun-burnt look.  I'm an NC30, and TCA Peels are magic wands that turn my face into an NC40 instantly.  It's a pretty weird tan you see.  My face is three times darker than the rest of my body!

If only I weren't too busy to travel all the way to Makati, I would've had TCA Peels on a more regular basis.  It's done wonders for me!  And I'm loving how much I've improved from this treatment.


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