GEO Circle Lens CK 105 Review

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I still remember how much I cursed having monolids+small eyes.  And I do recall how I went loco about looking ulzzang because those Korean girls are just so damn cute!

And so instead of moping around hating how freaking small my eyes were, I got obsessed with making eyelid tapes, using eyelid glues and experimenting with all other monolid solutions I could possibly learn about.

monolids+small eyes: there came a point in time that i cursed myself for having them

It included circle lenses or doll-eye lenses.  One popular circle lens is the GEO CK 105.

Bought online, 500php ($10), lens case included

GEO circle lenses in CK 105

EOTD's on wearing GEO circle lenses CK 105:

GEO circle lens on both eyes, me turning away from light source

GEO circle lens CK 105, letting the light through my eyes

GEO circle lens CK 105: before and after photos
VERDICT: My eyes unarguably grew bigger and wider.  They do look good in photos but be ready to frown in real life.  In person, my eyes looked lifeless and weird-looking.  I look fake.

I think I should've tried the circle lens look with foundation on my face, concealer on those lovely eyebags, eyeliners (black/brown to tightline and white/topaz on the inner 1/3 of the waterline), and a dash of mascara on the lashes.  That may have been prettier.

This is actually the last circle lens I will be giving in to.  I've also reviewed the Vivigo Hyper Nudy Lens in the past but my boyfriend didn't like it on me.  I'm just sticking with freshlook contact lenses during days that I need to wear them.

I think I'm slowly learning to love my monolids+small eyes.  Or perhaps I grew tired of cutting eyelid tapes and lining my eyes.

GEO circle lens CK 105 is best for those who are just playing around with looking ulzzang or during shoots.  I certainly wouldn't want to be seen wearing it during events or anywhere else.


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