You, too, Can Get that Ulzzang Look!

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The first time I ran through the shots of the girls sporting the ulzzang (or ullzang) look, I dissed myself for not knowing make-up and stuff as much as I should.

Despite my run-of-the-mill skills in make-up, I pushed myself to watch youtube vids on how to get the much coveted "ulzzang" look. Ulzzang is a Korean term that connotes a pretty face. Who wouldn't want that? And so I ventured...

(thanks, Nikki of Askmewhats for the inspiration)

(Disclaimer: This is my death-defying act with make-up because I badly wanted to TRY the fad... the authentic ulzzang look necessitates circle lenses and falsies... but I don't have those and so I went ahead with what I've got on hand.)


Five Cheap (and easy!) Ways to Get the Ulzzang Look

Ulzzang Look Step 1: Make your eyes magical with double eyelids

My biggest problem is that my left eye's lid is waaay thinner than my right eyelid.

my assymetric lids

I scanned youtube for tuts on creating double eyelids. I made sure I practiced these "lessons" several times till I got used to using an eyelid glue right. Koji Eyetalk is what most of the girls use, but since we don't have that locally, I opted for:

Aido Eye Putti 140PHP (roughly $3)

we glue and poke!

Finally, I now have a better left eyelid!

Ulzzang Look Step 2: Conceal the bags and line the eyes!

A Nichido concealer came in handy to hide my eyebags and dark undereye areas.

I used a black gel liner to line the upper and lower (outer third) lash lines. Then, I used a silver highlighter on the inner lower corner of the eyes (used L'oreal illumination in 915 Highlight Reflets)
Fanny Serrano's gel liner, 220PHP (roughly $ 4.50)

the black liner+white liner tandem widened my eyes

Ulzzang Look Step 3: Apply eyeshadow

I am no pro at eyeshadows. They are the last thing I'd learn to do mainly because it looks difficult. So I just slathered a basic bronze shadow on my lids and highlighted my browbones (used L'oreal illumination in 915 Highlight Reflets). If you can do shadows well, I'd bet you'll be perfectly uzzlang-ish!
Body Shop Cubes Palette, I used Shade 04, Rich Bronze $22

now you know what i mean by hating eyeshadows... i can barely let them appear on my eyes!

Ulzzang Look Step 4
: Apply Mascara and fill the brows

Using light sweeping motions, I filled the gaps in my brows with Avon eyebrow liner (brown).

I used my all-time fave mascara to add that girly touch to my flutters.

Lash curler and Maybelline Unstobble Mascara in Shiny Black, around 300PHP (roughly $6)

Ulzzang Look Step 5:
Finish with light powder and lip balm!

Just to keep the oil at bay, I used Aromaleigh's Ultra Resolution Finishing powder. Add Burt's Bees Lip Balm, and you're all set!

Although the real (and very pretty) Ulzzang look is based on circle lenses and long flirty lashes, I skipped those parts because, one, I have yet to buy those, and two, I haven't found the guts to play around with circle lenses and falsies. Here is my final ulzzang look:

If I can be Ulzzang (even just on the average), then so can you! Go ahead, quit hesitating and start digging up that train case! Try on that Ulzzang look you've long been wanting to do!


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