A Cheap Cut From David's Salon

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My hair grew in an unmanageable fashion to the point that those around me wondered why I loved sporting the disheveled look.  As a result, I've been endlessly tying my hair up in a ponytail or a bun.

pixelizing my ugly face; hair looks a bit ok in photos but not in real life

Last Sunday, I decided to let the cutters chop off the unruly chunk of hair that gives me that mahangin ba sa labas look.  I was feeling adventurous that day and went for the junior stylist that charged the cheapest.  I am normally particular about where I am having my hair cut and on who does it, but this time, everything just happened spontaneously.

     Me: Uy, David's!  Daming nagpapagupit ah (Lots of people are having their hair cut).
     BF: You wanna get a hair cut?  I'll wait for you.
     Me: Nah, that'd be too much.
     BF: Hindi ayos lang (It's okay), go ahead.

Seems that the BF really wants to get rid of my unruly hair --- and he gets away with it!

I got even more adventurous by choosing to get a bob.  I paid P168 ($4) for my new 'do and tipped the stylist fairly. I was so happy with the big savings I bagged. Who knew ad hoc hair decisions can sometimes cook up something special?

And here's what I'm sporting just recently.  It's really a low-maintenance bob since I do not need to put any hair primping stuff to make it look nice.  I just let it dry in front of the fan and in less than 10 minutes, I'm off to school!

If you are wondering about what hair color I used, it's Revlon's Colorsilk in Light Ash Brown.

I'm not the only one who had my hair trimmed.  This week, Crystal and Krissy sported new 'do's, too!

How many times have you turned up spur-of-the-moment decisions into groundbreaking moves?  It works sometimes, doesn't it?  It can be amusing to realize that we end up more disappointed with things that we planned for than the those we just whipped up in seconds.


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