Do or Dye: Cheap Hair Color by Revlon Colorsilk

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UPDATE: My colorist divulged that she used Revlon Colorsilk #54 on my virgin, black hair on the first coloring session. Succeeding colors, I was alreading using Revlon Colorsilk #50, Light Ash Brown

It was hair color that turned my life around at one point.  It may seem shallow but it actually did.  Revlon Colorsilk was a big part in boosting my self-esteem (me ranting in this post is an isolated case).

I dreaded having my hair colored but I was persuaded by Revlon Galleria's colorist to give it a shot.  And I think it was one of the few risks I made that I really felt happy about!

Hair Evolution

I had virgin hair for 26 years.  No treatments, just plain hair cut.  I was never vampy or chic.  I was almost always hesitant to venture into new things (like fashion, makeup and attending events) because of the lack of confidence.

Here's a shot of my black hair (and my nene look!).  My life revolved around my dog.

And so when I decided to have my hair colored, it was a real milestone for me.

How much does hair color treatment range these days?  You'll be shelling out more than a thousand pesos ($20) in salons if you want a satisfactory service, over two thousand if you want something superb.

Revlon Colorsilk in 50, 395php ($8)

I spent 350 pesos ($7) for mine.  It isn't celebrity-ish, but it just enhanced the way I looked and turned out to be more than what I expected.

Here's after having Revlon Colorsilk in Light Ash Brown on my locks.

Revlon Colorsilk in Light Ash Brown (50) without flash

with flash

Revlon colorsilk can look a bit toned down over natural lighting

Color has worn off.  Tie your hair in a pony or a bun to hide the hairline that shows irregularity in color.

I've been having my hair colored (on an irregular basis) since then and fortunately, I'm always happy everytime I walk out of the salon.  To sum up my experience:

What I love:
- cheap but the color looks sosyal (classy) on the hair
- free hair coloring on promo days (or months!)
- great color pay-off, Coloesilk has a wiiiiiiide range of colors you can choose from
- the colorist was expert enough to pick the perfect shade for me; she evenly applied the color, too
- light ash brown accentuated the shine on my hair

More info
Revlon Colorsilk is a permanent hair color.  It doesn't wash away, it just grows out
Have the color applied at least 24 hours post-shampoo/conditioner.  Natural oils are stripped from the scalp when using these products and you need at least a day to renew these oils. These oils will protect the scalp from any damage that the chemicals might cause
Post-coloring, it leaves the hair with a nasty smell that can last days
Colored hair needs special care.  I use L'oreal Elseve's hair rinse (for colored hair)daily  and their Re-nutrition hair masque (with royal jelly) once a week
This hair color has high ratings at MUA (4.0/5.0 by 438 reviewers)
 Normally, Revlon Colorsilk hair color is priced 395php ($8), if you're lucky, like me, you can get the product at 10-20%off and have it applied on your locks, free!  Otherwise, you can buy the color and have your hairdresser work with it
Check your brows.  You wouldn't want to look weird. I lightened mine using Sally Hansen's bleaching kit.

LOL at the brows!

Color me brown! Brown hair and brows look better together

If you're still thinking in disbelief how Revlon Colorsilk can turn my life 360, then you must be a guy.  I've done things I never dared to before, improved my public speaking, actively participated in events, and I've done a long list of things I'd normally become reluctant about because I felt ugly.  Yes, things have changed because of a hair color!


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