Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner Review

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I grew tired of heating up my Fanny Serrano gel liner.  Mainly because I actually found a new HG gel liner to replace it with --- the Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner.  By far, this is the best eyeliner I've ever used based largely on its affordability.

Maybelline's Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black
449php at Maybelline counters

It has this cute tin screw cap

Not only is it cheap, but the color pay-off is just HG material (see EOTD's here).  You don't need to swipe your brush several strokes just to get your eyes lined dramatically.  Here are some swatches:

Maybelline Lasting Dram Gel Liner swatched once using the free brush

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner's intense black color (stroked twice)

After being impressed with the color pay-off, I tested if it's really smudge-proof.  Lo and behold, it fairly stayed put after rubbing it with my finger.

Trust me, I've already rubbed it... it just won't come off (although you can already see streaks that go downward)

After using the Maybelline Gel liner for weeks, I knew it's HG material for me.  It never washed off nor smudged grossly during the entire time I wore it (approx 9 hours).  And when my lids got really oily because of the humid weather, the color just lightened a bit.  It never gave me horrific eyes like some liquid eyeliners gave me (remember my Faceshop liquid liner horror story?) 

I've tried to use it on my waterline, too.  It smudged a little at the end of the day, but it was a nice smudge.  Like I had pretty smokey eyes.  

What I loved about it:
  • dries up quick during application (while this may be a con for those who are just starting out with eyeliners)
  • doesn't smudge
  • great color pay-off
  • lasts my oily lids up to 9 hours!
well what do you know....
... it sure lived up to its claims! quick dry, intense color, lasts all day and is smudge-proof!
  • entire tub does not dry up easily (Fanny Serrano gel liner completely dried up after 3 weeks despite sealing it tightly)
  • comes with a free eyeliner brush
  • the packaging fits your purse! really handy
  • affordable and readily available (and at discounted prices, too!)

  • the brush that comes with it is a bit flimsy for my liking; others can get their way around it, though
  • tub is too small

Some tips to enjoy your Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner:
  • always make sure that you are using a clean brush; never dip a used brush into the product to avoid contamination
  • dip your brush a bit parallel to the product to avoid creating a "black hole" in your pot
  • an eyeliner sealant can reinforce the gel liner's strength in resisting smudging
  • post-care must ALWAYS include (a) tightly sealing the gel liner pot and (b)washing the brush
  • purchase it at an even lower price during Maybelline's frequent sales; I got mine at 20% off!
Maybelline's Lasting Gel Drama is a beauty staple for girls with oily lids like mine.  It comes in brown, too which my friend, Nikki, reviewed.  Check out her take on this great gel liner!


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