It Could've Been Love: Face Shop's Easy Liner

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The Face Shop's Easy Liner (felt tip eyeliner) comes in handy to newbies like me who'd love to break free from the usual pencil eyeliners. I've loved the dramatic look that liquid liners (from Fanny Serrano) gave my eyes, but they can be a painstaking task to work with considering my substandard eye makeup skills.

Thank pen liners for making it easier to achieve dramatic eyes! I've tried the Face Shop's Easy Liner eyeliner in Black and it was a relief that you don't have to be a makeup pro to achieve outstanding eyes!

The Face Shop Easy Liner Eyeliner in Black, ~300php

What I loved about it:
  • eye lining became easier with this tool! (it makes the scary concept of eye lining a lil bit easier by letting you literally draw on your lashlines)
  • you can easily remove 'wobbly hand errors' with a Q-tip!
  • easy to create thin lines!
  • length and diameter of the pen makes it easy to use and hold
  • the felt tip feature makes it easy to wing the eyes
  • cheap, locally available

  • faint color on first stroke; you have to layer it a couple of times to achieve the liquid liner eyes
  • this liner is scented (think marker/pentel pens, but it isn't that strong!)
  • you still have to do quick tapping motions (like letting the ink sink into the tip) before every use
  • takes a minute to dry up; if you're too excited to open your eyes, it'll lead to...

...the greatest uh-oh:

It smudges on me BIG TIME. This was 30minutes post-application. It can look ickier if you don't wait for it to dry up. How bad is that?

Other stuff:
The faint black on first stroke. I think I fared well in lining here (look how thin the line is!). And I can't wing my eyes in this natural fashion if I'm not using the pen liner.

Lined vs. non-lined lashlines. Layering to achieve my dramatic black. See how I've managed to keep the wing in tip top shape (despite having to go through it several times).

It really could've been love if it weren't for the smudging! Or, in another perspective, it could've been love if it weren't for my oily lids. ***sigh*** Now I'm still on the hunt for a good pen eyeliner...


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