New (and Final?) Layout


So I changed my template again.  This is the third time I'm dressing The Beauty Bin up since July this year.

I never fail to sleep at 5 or 6AM because dressing up blogs isn't as easy as pulling out clothes from one's wardrobe to mix and match.  Well maybe because I'm no techie.

Thank God for blogger resources I've googled up, else, I would've slept at a later later later time!  I found Blogger SentralDeluxe Templates and Tips for New Bloggers waaaaay helpful than I expected.

Original Blogger Template turned into.... new page!

I wanted a neat layout, a bigger space for the posts, and a design that loaded pretty quick (just think of the ads as helpful and revenue-generating clutters you can click on to help me).  All throughout the wee hours, I thought of how I can turn this site a home for my readers, too!

So here it is, I hope it didn't take forever to load up from your end.  If it did, hit me up and I can revamp The Beauty Bin the fourth time!


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