Adopt a BB Cream This 2010!



It's a couple of days more before another year starts and I'd LOVE to celebrate it by sharing the love!

My beauty blogging colleague, Babyjap of the V-Spot, allowed me to check out Missha Watery BB Cream--- which I am now putting up for adoption.

If I get more than one adoption request for it, I will be raffling it off a few days after New Year

How to Adopt this Baby (open to ALL residents of the Philippines):

1. Briefly tell us why you want this baby in your kikay kit through a blogpost or any social media.
2. Link Babyjap's page and this page to that post.
3. Leave the link to that blogpost/social media share by commenting below.
4. Submission of adoption candidacies will close on January 10, 2010.

The future adoptive mom (or dad? well, guys can join...) of this Missha Watery BB Cream will be chosen on January 11, 2010. Shipping's on me.


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