Monolid Solutions: Creating Double Eyelids with Eye Tapes

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Perhaps one of the reasons why I never really ventured into alot of eye makeup is that it doesn't show up on my monolid eyes. I have unequal (there are days when my right eye crease is bigger than my left, and conversely), monolids that can be a pain to work with when putting on some eye colors (maybe because I'm so much a newb in it?)

I hauled some eye tapes and glue way back April 09 hoping to get a pretty pop with my peepers. And the eye tapes were actually impressive in giving me natural-looking double eyelids!

My monolid eyes

I got them from my Hongkong trip and have seen putting them up on sale these holidays.

I'm using the short eye tapes for my small eyes. I find them best for beginners.

Double eyelids are possible with eye tapes! My eye to your right has a tape.

Double eyelids can give an effortless ooomph to your peepers!

What I love about 'em:
  • they're transparent and a breeze to put on (after several practices, yes)
  • they make you really pretty. not that i hate my monolids, but they just make you appear doll-like!
  • they give you double eyelids even after you take em off (say you've been wearing them for 3hours or so... the double lids last a good 8 or more hours). I'm so amazed!
  • not icky sticky
  • comes off easy
  • no need to tug the eyes so you don't have to brood over getting wrinkles and all that!
  • you can still put eye primers/shadows on your lids even if you have em on

  • you'll have to practice creating your natural double lids... so this phase will waste a handful of the tapes. BUT You may want to check some posts or vids on how to put it right!
  • not locally available, BUT you may want to create your own eyelid tapes! or buy from
  • it'll stick out of your crease when placed wrongly
  • there are tutorials that involve poking the eyes (like how you would do it with eyelid glues), but I've learned how to put my tapes in a harsh-free manner


  1. Make sure you're working on clean, sweat-free lids! blot lids if necessary
  2. You may use tweezers, but clean fingertips can work well, too
  3. Stick the tape below your desired crease
  4. Start sticking the tape on the outer 2/3rds of the lids; never on the inner corners
  5. Don't be afraid to adjust! The tapes aren't that easy to lose their stick-on abilities.
  6. Harsh-free application means you have to practice, practice, practice!

What do you think? Are you ready to give your eyes a boost with eyelid tapes? Try cutting out your own tapes today for practice!


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