Lara of NARS transformed my Boyish Sister into a Lady

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Lara of NARS Shang is the sweetest, greatest, kindest soul who said 'yes' to my urgent request that she do our makeup for my brother's wedding. That was 3 days before the event.

We were really happy with our makeup! She's superb since she considers our suggestions on the kind of look we wanted to sport. Most MUA's would just insist on the kind of look they wanted for their clients, period. But Lara... that girl... she was just awesome!

My sister had long, boring hair, and we wanted her to look a little girly from her usual boyish self, and so we let Lara style her hair (my mom and I had short cuts and we didn't want anything extravagant really on our locks).

Here's how she looks like on normal days:

With makeup and hair styling, and without the drumset:

Isn't Lara the best???


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