My Pair of Fab Flats From Trunk Show

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My fave white peeptoes breathed its last yesterday after a thousand miles of strenuous walks.  After review classes today, I dropped by Trinoma mall to check out any shoes on bargain.  My eyes popped with joy when I saw Trunk Show's display of braided-strap flats.  The cheapo inside me wanted to hold back because none of these were discounted. 

Trunk Show Cece flats in Purple, Gray, Black and Red

I raided the store anyway and I sure did the right thing because I scored the perfect pair of flats without hearing protests from my wallet.  I really wanted the gray braided flats though, but they no longer had my size.

So here's what I brought home instead:

Trunk Show Cece flats in Red (price stated at the end of the article)
Features: braided straps (to match braided belts with!) and garterized locks for that easy slip-on effect

Here are five great reasons why you should check this store out:

1.  They have a good selection of trendy and classic pairs of shoes.
The trendy pairs I've sighted from their collection included flat and heeled oxfords (flats were with brogueing), ballet flats, and strappy heels. 
Trunk Show heeled oxfords, 1450

I also consider Trunk Show a haven for timeless pieces.  Other fab flats available at the store were:
Trunk Show studded ballet falts (brown) 850

Trunk Show Dainty flats with applique, 850

Trunk Show gray sandals, 799

Trunk Show Cutout flats in Old Rose, 850

2.  There are pairs that have a remarkably unique design.
I noticed that they have three or four designs that make people look at your footwear the second time around.  Despite their being edgy, these pairs are really wearable and will not limit you to certain types of clothing.  It's a pain I didn't get shots of them... I got too mesmerized looking at these Trunk Show pieces.

3.  They don't mass produce.
From their clothing line to their shoes, they keep a low number of stocks for each size (two stocks per size I believe).  You get to enjoy the uniqueness of what you wear!

4. They have trendy accessories.
I found funky stockings, tights, socks, belts and jewelry any girl would covet.  I've long wanted to get bow belts and I found some from them, too (white and black ones). 

Are you edgy or girly?  

5.  Affordable, comfortable and sturdy pieces.
I never fail to test my foot candies for durability.  I tried to pull sides of my braided-straps flats and they passed my test.  The real test begins tomorrow when I walk in them, though.  I will update you on that.

Affordable at 550!  More Colors...

Affordable at 550! More Colors...

They have good customer service, too!  SA Tin and her colleague helped me out with choosing what's best for my feet.  I am wary of attendants who are easily irked by customers who try on a lot of shoes, but I just didn't feel this way with Trunk Show Trinoma.  I was actually treated right.

I bought a pair of white capped-toe ballet flats a couple of days ago during Landmark Trinoma's sale.  I thought that was a good buy at 549 bucks.  It's still unused as of today because of the rainy weather.  I felt that it didn't deserve the mud or any dirt because it was brand new (and the fact that it is holy white!).  Well, I should've waited for this day because I got a better deal from Trunk Show and paid 550php for my new pair of flats!

Trunk show stalls are at 2/F Trinoma (few blocks from the food court area, across Bench Fix), 3/F Teens Zone Glorietta 3 Makati (across Toby's)


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