If Hayden Can Do It, So Can I



Okay, so Hayden Kho launched his perfume line just recently and I'm gushing at the fact that he's back smiling at the limelight.

Photo Source
Hayden's gone through a tumultuous swing at life not so long ago with sex video scandals, relationship hung-ups (both romantic and platonic)  and several attacks on his personal and professional (and all the other -al's one may possibly think of) life.  In short, pinagsakluban siya ng tadhana and the entire chaos flashed before him and some few millions of eavesdropping (and even the not-so-eavesdropping) public.

And here he is now.  Fragrant as ever with his perfume collection.  I bumped into pictures over Chuvaness' page and I suddenly felt an air of nostalgia.

Hayden traveled to Paris to train under fragrance experts (Photo Source)

Tattered, but not broken (Photo Source)

I suddenly remembered my dreams.  I suddenly remembered everything that I chose to forget.

I dreamt of making a name for myself some day so that my parents will get something out of their laborious efforts in sending me to school, feeding me more than three meals a day, and providing me a life that's more than comfortable.  I wanted their eyes brimming with tears --- extremely joyful and proud at their famous daughter.

Everything nice I planned in college had to take a backseat for some lame reason.  Love. Hah.

Now that love's robbed me of my youth and time, I just can't find the confidence I need to be more than the ordinary.  I learned to settle for less, withdraw from the rest of the world, and smirk at the thought that I can be famous someday.  All I know is that I can no longer be the girl my mom and dad can really be proud of.

Everything happens for a reason --- good or bad.  I am inspired by the turn-of-events in Hayden's life.  While people continue to curse him, pervs relentlessly feast on his video scandals, and his medical license currently revoked, he didn't stop dreaming big.

I have my license as a physiotherapist.  I have a good job.  I've never been put through such public scandal.  I have the best people (whom I've shut out from my life) to support me despite my life's downfalls.  Well, what do you know, I'm luckier than Hayden Kho!  I've no excuse for not dreaming my dream!

The plans may have been put on hold for quite some time now but it's not enough reason to completely abandon the dream.  Yes, I will be famous.  I dream of discovering medical breakthroughs or becoming a really great entrepreneur.  Get me a male Vicki Belo to hold hands with and I may be able to expedite things.

Seriously, it all starts with knowing that YOU CAN.  To consider what you've always wanted as a kid, and to finally remember the dream that you once chose to forget.


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