How I Turned My Fanny Serrano Gel Liner into an HG material

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Early 2009, I've read a lot of raves about how smudge-free fanny serrano's gel liner is.  And so I purchased one right away.

Most bloggers, including me, would've considered this prod as a wonderful gel liner staple if only it stayed creamy long enough.  I noticed the gel liner hardening by the 7th or 8th week of usage.  And up until three weeks ago, this beauty product was simply stashed inside my drawer, boxed and a big part of it unused.

Fanny Serrano Gel Liner in Black, more or less 400php (~$8)

So what I did was:
1.  boiled 2 cups of water
2.  prepared a ceramic mug with a lid
3.  tightened Fanny Serrano Gel Liner's cap
4. poured the boiling water inside the mug, submerged the gel liner (and prayed that the product was truly tightly sealed, you wouldn't want water in it), covered the mug, and waited for 20 minutes.

The gel liner has a thick frosted container so I thought that it might be necessary to submerge it for a long 20-minute period.

And it worked!!!!  For a second, after getting it out of the water, I thought that I failed because it really didn't change much in appearance (hence, I didn't take a pic); however, I lightly glided my pinky on its gel surface and it actually felt like how it did the first time I bought it.

 I now have a creamy, inexpensive, HG gel liner!


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