Monolid Solutions: Tightlining with Styli Style Line and Seal 24+EOTD

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My usual small eyes got a little bigger with the help of my vivigo contacts, DIY eyelid tapes, and Styli Style's Line and Seal 24 eyeliner pencil!

Styli Style Line and Seal 24 Eyeliner Pencil
bought from at 70php (~ a few cents over a dollar)
methinks it's cheaper because this is the old packaging (check out the up-to-date version)

Swatching the liner's color; drew thin and thick lines, too!

Waterproof?  We'll see...

After sprinkling the swatches with water, I tried to rub it off.  It faded a bit (vs the first swatch pic) but it DIDN'T SMUDGE OFF

What I love about it:
It's as cheap as our local liners but has a waaaay better staying power (which we really, really need in this humid country)
It's so soft; it doesn't tug on the lids
Waterproof; wear it this summer on the beach!
No raccoon eyes when I use this to line my lashline (different story with tightlining though)

Uh Oh's:
First stroke isn't the nicest hint of black (but layering twice makes it more dramatic)
It only lasts a good 3-4 hours when used on the waterline
Goes OOS fast at boohooo.

Waking up with my monolids

No, my contacts aren't unequal in size.  It's just that my eye to your right has been tightlined (upper waterline only) with Styli Style Line and Seal liner.  Noticed the difference?  I could've made my eyes bigger with falsies, mascara and a curler!
Oh, and my smile emphasized my eyebags!

What I used:  
Dr Jart Silver BB Cream to even out skin tone
In2it eyebrow powder using the brow brush I 'created'
Undereye concealer 
DIY eyelid tapes (which I will discuss soon)
Styli Style Line and Seal 24 Pencil Eyeliner in Black
Vivigo lenses in hypersize brown

You might notice that I seem to be freaked out with my small eyes.  Well, yes, I am.  But I don't hate them.  I just know that they're capable of looking a lot better with a couple of monolid solutions like tapes, lid glues, falsies and contacts.

Thanks for reading!


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