Introducing: the Bleak Angled Brow Brush

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I was about to throw out my Fashion 21 Eyeshadow Brush when my brain suddenly switched to its creative mode.  Why not turn this unused tool into something useful?

And so with a pair of scissors, I chopped off some hair until I got the 'look' I wanted.

BEFORE - Fashion21 Eyeshadow Brush, 60php

AFTER - herroyalbleakness' angled brow brush!

A closer view of the hair and ferrule

What I love about it is that it isn't too thin like an angled liner brush!  Think of something in between a liner brush and a shadow brush--- that's the bleak angled brow brush!  The lines I create with it when filling-in sparse areas of my brows are very, very natural and flattering (vs. angled liners).

So how'd I revamp a relatively denser eyeshadow brush into a bleak angled brow brush?

I had to cut off half of the hair sagitally, like so:

Looks ugly, but this is what makes it so pretty as a brow brush!

Not too thin, not too thick--- purrrrfect!

I'm now using this Fashion 21 eyeshadow brush with my In2it brow kit (remember how I disliked the small brush that comes with it?).  It works perfect in picking up the ample amount of pigment that I need for my brows!

Yep, even brushes can go through a makeover.  I can't believe myself for almost throwing this one out!


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