Review: In2it Eyebrow Powder Sure Lasts Loooooong

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I played with my computer's camera when I got home from classes and I was a bit disappointed with its resolution.  But what surprised me was that that my brows still looked thick and neat even after 10 hours of being in the humid, polluted and sweat-provoking metro.  Haha!  And oh, I used In2it Eyebrow Powder.

In2it's Eyebrow Powder has always been raved about by the girls over the forum I frequently check out.  And I'm glad I tried it out for myself!  I went out of the house in the morning with perfectly clean-looking eyebrows, and I went home with the same look I sported in the morning (well perhaps, a little subdued now, but it still looks fresh!)

In2it eyebrow powder, around 300+php (~$6)

Some people might find the lightest shade on the left unusable.  But I use that shade for the inner 3rd of my brows, and the middle shade for the outer 2/3rds.  And they look awesome!  I grew my brows thick and this kind of shade tandem just accentuates my thick brows without making me look like Oscar the Grouch.

It even has a cute mirror up there!

What I love about it:
the colors suit Asian skin; all colors are usable
keeps my brows neat and clean the whole day
very natural-looking on me, i can sport a full but soft-looking brows
they don't turn reddish on pictures
cheap and locally available

a bit chalky since I see particles of it on my lashes
brush that comes with it is too thick. i use an eyeliner brusher instead

Here's a puffer fish shot for liking this prod!

What I had on in the morning stayed put up till I got home and camwhored (thank you smashbox): In2it brow powder, my ususal Joppa foundies, AL's URFP

I used to be lemming for an eyebrow makeup that has a wax to fix my unruly brows.  But I can forget about that now because I'm in love with In2it's Eyebrow Powder's flattering shades and lasting power!

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