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Went to QC P.O. today to claim my packages.  

The good news is that I got my packages.

The bad news?  

The PO head who strutted after the guy who scoured for my packages told me that today must be a lucky day for me.  Well yeah, I thought, because ima get myself some goodies.  And then she commanded  (commanded.  think military.) the guy to inspect what's inside.

I've nothing against inspections.  It's just that this was the first time they've ever opened a cosmetics package from me.  And so I thought something wasn't right.

Boy, was I so right.  

She told me I'm so lucky coz she'll let me off the hook this time. Packages like these, she said, aren't allowed to be turned over to addressees without proper clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  I nodded like an elementary school kid.

I asked her for the process on how to go about clearing my future loots from the FDA.  She gave me a bunch of jargons, and an explanation that merited a "WTF are you saying?" remark.  The only thing that seeped through my brain was that the clearance thing was to protect us buyers from bad chemicals and poison that these cosmetics might contain.  Geeesh.

And so I smiled politely and thanked her for the generous act of letting me keep my stuff.  Thank you for letting me keep what's mine and thank you for the humble tax you so generously impose on my purchases.

"And who's '(says my name)'?"  I was startled by her commanding voice.  "Uhm, ako po (Uhm, that's me)."  

"You have beautiful skin and you have fine pores."  I raised an eyebrow as she walked back to her chair to grab a slab of pizza from the box she and her colleagues were feasting on.  Yes, even that complimenting statement sounded like you have to salute to her. 

I hope you girls are claiming your packages just fine.  I wanna hear your stories if ever this similar event comes up! (I know our beloved Thiamere has had her fair share of Philippine PO oddities)


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