An Update AGAIN on that Styli Style Line and Seal Eyeliner

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Hi girls!!!

Forgive my blog necromancing, and forgive me, too, for posting about my HG eyeliner for the 3rd time in a row.

I celebrated Valentine's Day with my family plus the bf at the mall.  We had lunch, watched Dear John (oh, brother.  I think I'm getting really old for not liking cheesy stuffs like this flick), had dinner, then screened another movie, Wolfman, to end our Vday.

So I didn't like Dear John that much.  But I was a mess inside the movie house for crying a lot.  My heart sympathizes with old people a lot (maybe because I encounter them always at work).  And so it always hits me when Mr. Tyree's all so alone and unappreciated by Mr. Good-looking-Muscle-Man (i didn't like him as John, sorry).  And don't asked me how I let out a whimper when John's father died. Ooooh.

Yes I was a total mess.  Or so I thought I was.

When my mom and I went to the ladies room, mom was complaining how swollen her eyes looked.  My eyes looked like they cried a lot too, but my liner barely budged off my lashlines! Weeee!  

Now I really really really am IN LOVE with it.

You know what to put on when out for a tear-jerking movie, ok?  I felt like I should share this "glorious" thing with you, too.

Thanks for STILL reading! :)


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