Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner Photos

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To date, the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel liner I reviewed some couple of months ago has been the only gel liner I often reach out for that worked well with my oily, monolids. You might remember my Faceshop felt tip liner horror story... that wasn't much of a good buy for my type of lids.

maybelline gel liner
Immediately after Maybelline gel liner application

I have monolids (can you recall how much I basked in the sea of eyelid tapes and glues) and liner transfer and smearing, whether cream, liquid or gel, are common problems. With the Maybelline gel liner, my only worry is that it mildly smears on the upper part of the lids.

Here are 2 photos taken 4 hours after liner application:

maybelline gel liner smear
mild smearing 4 hours after application

smearing barely noticeable when I fully open my eyes

My other gripe is that it can be tough to remove. But other than the mild smearing and the stubborn gel during cleansing, I am highly recommending this gel liner to those who have a similar eye type like mine! Maybelline's product topped my previous HG, the Fanny Serrano gel liner, since the former still has a creamy consistency during the entire time I've been using it (7 months).


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