Neutrogena Event at Momo Cafe

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If you missed my information-studded post about skin dehydration, you might be unaware that I learned a lot of helpful stuff about skincare last week. It was during the Neutrogena event last May 23, 2011 at Momo Cafe, Ayala Gardens that I was able to enjoy co-bloggers' fun company while educating ourselves with the things that can stop us from having a radiant, supple and youthful-looking skin.

Here are the photos I took during the event:

Donna of mylucidintervals & Julia of blessmybag
Donna's taking photos of the skin hydration tester that Julia's pressing onto her hands

Czar Carbonel, from Ogilvy, the young lady in that colorful checkered polo --- she's so fun to talk to!
Seated on the table are (clockwise): K of whenchichitsthepan, Lauren of iambourgeois, 2 ladies seated near the cafe's walls whom i unfortunately never got the chance to talk to, and there's Donna and Julia

The folks I'm seated with are Ms. thirstythought herself, Kryz, and there's Vince Ong, an intern at
The guys standing up are among the pillars of the event, Gwen and Gabby



Ah, foodies! Loved the tall glass of peach drink.

And since I didn't have the guts to ask any of my new acquaintances to shoot a photo of me, the BF and I camwhored at Bonchon Chicken (which was a coffee shop away from Momo Cafe) after the event!


The Neutrogena event was such a fun evening! The people I mingled with were so cool and awesome, I barely remembered I was there for a cause! Neutrogena will unveil a new line of products soon and my co-bloggers and I can't wait for that big revelation. Well what d'you know ---- that's TOMORROW! :)


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