What You Didn't Know About Cream Silk Conditioners

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Did you know that every time you pay for that Cream Silk pink tube (the most popular Cream Silk conditioner variant), a part of what you pay for goes to a scholarship program?  

Cream Silk Conditioner variants
Surprise, surprise!(I bet you didn't know that--- just like me) There's actually more to just primping and prettifying your hair with Cream Silk goodies --- you're actually supporting a cause.  And a very good one, too.

During the afternoon, I had the chance to listen to the talk given by Cream Silk's brand manager about the scholarship and to throw questions at the Cream Silk scholars to understand the program better.

Cream Silk Women Empowerment Program scholars

1) Cream Silk's (in partnership with Zonta Club of Makati & Environs) scholarship program is all about empowering women.  It supports young girls who aspire to get into a male-dominated college program (think Engineering, Computer Science, etc).

2) This good cause has been going on for 2 years now and shame on me for not knowing

3) There are currently 96 scholars in this Cream Silk Women Empowerment Program (WEP) project.  96 young girls who now face the world with aspirations and optimism, who once felt their worlds being torn apart with the heartbreaking news, "Anak, huminto ka muna sa pag aaral at wala ng pang-twisyon."

4) These lucky girls are selected via Random.org from University of the Philippines' (UP) and Polytechnic University of the Philippines' (PUP) list of poor-but-deserving kolehiyalas.  

More lovely women of the afternoon:
 Melanie deLeon and Carol Ocampo-Llanillo of Zonta Club of Makati & Environs
I recall that there were 2 (or was it three?) graduating girls from the scholars panel and it's just undeniable that they were holding back sobs as they thanked Unilever, Zonta, and us consumers who patronized Cream Silk products.  

It'll be a whole new view now every time I stock on my favorite conditioner (and lately, on their treatment masque---oh so divine!).  I get to prettify my locks with Cream Silk and help someone finish a good course in college all at the same time.  


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