Battling Jiggly Arms On A Daily Basis

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Let me share with you what I do daily to fight back the natural tendency for a woman's upper arm to be  jiggly.  The Triceps Curl:

Except that I stabilize the area immediately before the elbow joint and not near the armpits like how it's shown above.  Using your dumbbell-free hand, support the area below the elbows, like so:

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It's better if you support the elbow region by gripping onto it rather than using your fingers (the model looks awkward don't you think?)  My free arm would usually slide back from my head just so I can properly stabilize the forearm.  Joint stability when doing the exercise is very important to make sure that you are targeting the correct muscles and to avoid injuries. (It's just so hard to look for photos with the right exercise position)

I also use a medium-size mineral water bottle (filled with water) instead of my 1lb weights.  I do 20 repetitions of the movement (see first photo), rest for a few seconds, and do 2 more sets of 20 after that  (I'm doing 60 triceps curls with 2 rest periods in between).  I do this whenever I can during the day: during breaks in class, while watching TV, etc)

Photo Source
Exercise now before it leads to this!
  1. This exercise can be done seated or standing.  Please make sure to keep an erect posture all throughout the routine.  We don't want additional back problems, do we?
  2. Holding the mineral bottle (or 2-3kg dumbbells/weights), raise the arm overhead (keep elbow straight)
  3. The other arm slides at the back of the head to support the exercising arm's elbow region.
  4. Do the curls as shown in the first photo. 

If you are a beginner, you may want to start with a brim-filled small mineral bottle as weights, do 10 repetitions of the movement, 2 sets.  You can progress by changing the bottle size, bottle's water levels, the reps and the sets.

Thankfully, I have never suffered from flabby arms at this point. :)  Triceps curls exercise is among those I do daily to avoid flabby arms.  I hope this tip can help you, too!

P.S.  If you are already suffering from jiggly arms, there will be more exercises to keep the fat out and tone the arms (aside from revamping your diet). Doing the triceps curls alone will not suffice.


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