Julu-ized: Free Shipping On Julu Jewelry!



And not only that, she's also slashing 15% off Julu Jewelry prices, sitewide, and will be throwing in free delish crystal studs for every purchase!

I've known Steph, brainchild of Julu Jewelry, for quite sometime now through our beauty blogs.  I've always wanted to own at least one of her extremely dainty creations. This Thanksgiving Sale she's having is just the perfect opportunity to become Julu-ized!

Here are some earrings I'm eyeing on: (all pictures from Julu Jewelry Blog that you should check out to learn more about these dainty pieces)

With Love From Paris earrings
I am in love with the rivoli cut grey Swarovski + Indian Pink heart stone!

Deep Sea Blue Golden Bow earrings --- so regal!

Sparkling Bows and Hearts earrings; Since I want the  Deep
 Sea Blue Golden Bow earring above, might opt for the black one here.

Divine Angel Wing earrings
in Sapphire, Fuscia and Blue Zircon

Treasures on the Shore earrings --- so unique!
I'm used to red. black, white and navy blue for nautical stuff but the
 green crystal starfish together with the anchor is so refreshing to look at!

Some cute Korean studs that are from Steph's past collection.  I'd love to request for these, too!

Darling Sparkle Bows

Sooty Grey Owl Studs

I actually prefer those that Steph crafted rather than these ready-made Korean earrings.  It's such a nice thing to know that I'm wearing a piece (or pieces!) that was well-thought of and hand-crafted with love.  Steph is such a sweet girl and I will feel closer to her kindness if I get one of these!

I am currently winning my way into carting the stuff I want from the store.  Shop Julu Jewelry now and get these great deals before your fave pieces go OOS!

Note:  This is NOT a paid post. 


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