Quick Skincare Update

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My skin's far from perfect, but I have to admit that it has greatly improved! 

I find that the deep acne marks on the cheeks and temples were rather easy to blur with just mineral powder (no more liquid face base!) these days. Also, my previously oily skin, which fails to hold makeup without proper priming, is now significantly less oily!

I'll be hitting my second month on my local Obagi from Doc Six Foronda and I'm attributing my skin's great improvement from it (here's the set), add a couple of TCA and Diamond Peel treatments for my scars and blemishes. The less oily factor, I feel I owe hugely from Shu Uemura Balancing Cleansing Oil in Fresh.

Showing off the cheapest flaunt-worthy silver bracelets I've ever hauled
(got them @ 75php apiece, less than $2)
and that's the elbow scar that didn't end up an ugly keloid, see story HERE

Even dear family and friends noticed how much my skin has improved. 

My unflattering cheeks;
 never dared to put blush makeup on them lest they steal the spotlight!

I've always felt that a good sign that the skin is improving is having to be less dependent on makeup and blotting papers. I love the fact that I successfully broke off with having to use liquid foundation on a frequent (c'mon, DAILY) basis.

Far from perfect, but skin has hugely improved (before photo HERE)
No face base, just swatching 4U2 envy's blush and
swiping Wish lip tint on the lips

I am so happy with this skin milestone. :) I'll eat healthy stuff, drink lots of water and sleep not later than 11 PM as my way of contributing to a better skin. Who knows, I might end up with a far better skin in a few months just by living out a healthy lifestyle!


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