Crocs on Glutathione

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(a guest post from Crickette, the Crocodile)

I was inspired by The Beauty Bin's glutathione review a year ago, where she talked about how ph338 and tathione307 (what's with the 'ending-product-names-with-3-digit-numbers' gimmick?) working magically on her skin.

A few months later, I decided to give in to this Asian fad. I never thought it could work so well for cold-blooded crawlers like me:

BEFORE Oral Glutathione (please forgive me for the horrible pics, my skin is so dry):

I went through  a whitening transition phase after a month. From black, to a bronzier skin. I  kinda liked this tanned-look for a moment, but decided to push through with those little pills.

And after several months, I am 90% white:


Gluta Junkie

So there, I kinda feel like a Hollywood celeb now. I'm getting offers from producers to star on upcoming remakes of Hook, Lake Placid and, of course, Crocodile Dundee.

I already turned down an offer from the executives of the Ong Bak series. They wanted to recreate this scene from Ong Bak 2 in their upcoming flick:

Photo Source

These photos were taken during our trip to Avilon Zoo last year. I will be posting truckloads of animal photos soon... I hope you don't mind :) -herroyalbleakness, not Crickette


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