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The birth of Beauty Blender definitely elevated the status of a sponge as a makeup tool. With the addition of the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge and the Sephora Precision Sponge, I basked in tons of sponge reviews for several days (almost wanted to just stick with my good old disposable sponges!) weighing which of these three should I get.

Since I've learned heaps from what I've read, I'm sharing a summary on the comparison of these three sponges.

Kashuk Sponge Photo Source; Sephora Sponge Photo Source; Beauty Blender Photo Source

The Feel
Beauty Blender has the softest, smoothest and the most lightweight feel among the three. You can squeeze it effortlessly. Sephora Precision Sponge is the densest.

When used, the Beauty Blender gives more bounce to makeup application, allowing a faster rate of stippling while properly blending the makeup in. Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge comes in second to being springy, while Sephora, last.

The Shape
Sonia Kashuk wins for its ergonomic shape. It has a tapered middle part that's great for gripping and most users swear that this feature adds to its ease of use. The two others are pretty much on the same page because of their similar shape.

However, because of SK's erratic shape, only its base and tip can be used to apply foundation. The other two's basic shape allows more surface you can use in applying your makeup.

There's a huge ruckus to the reviews I've read on which sponge is the most durable. Up till now, I can't tell which one is built to last.

Is it perhaps because they're all equally durable? And that the user's ability to care for them is a BIG factor to consider?

A single Beauty Blender sponge costs $20. To get more value for your cash, you can get two for $26. SK costs $9-$10, and Sephora's Precision Brush is priced at $12.

The Beauty Blender comes out the cleanest among the three. You have to squeeze the other two a bit harder every time you clean them (minus points for durability?).

Sonia Kashuk Photo Source; Beauty Blender and Sephora Sponge photos from Sephora

Surprise, surprise
These three are meant to be dampened prior to use. Sonia Kashuk's and Sephora's do not expand much after soaking with water, while the Beauty Blender expands twice its original size (that's bigger cross-sectional area for makeup application!).

That into consideration, biggest-to-smallest sponge is during use is: BB-SK-SPB.

And the biggest surprise of all? Each brush performs just as well as the other! No sponge is better in terms of makeup application! All three can give you that flawless, natural look

Makeup Alley Ratings
BB - 4.4/5 84% of the 147 reviewers will buy again
SK - 4.2/5 83% of the 146 reviewers will buy again
SPB - 1/5 no one of the 3 reviewers will buy again

I can see you are relieved that there's really not much difference in the way these three sponges apply makeup. I am relieved, too! That makes decision-making a hell lot easier, right?

Beauty Blender obviously wins the race. Most affirm that Sonia Kashuk's Blending Sponge is a pretty good dupe to it. If money's an issue, then SK's your best bet. And if you're gaga about Spongebob, then go for the Sephora Precision Sponge (OMG! I really don't know what to say!)!

More resources
Okay, so if this post didn't help much, let me direct you to Hell Candy Makeup and Cosmeddicted.com. They've got in-depth feature of the Beauty Blender vs. Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge vs. Sephora Precision Sponge you might want to read.


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