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With the vast sea of whitening soaps out in the market, the average Filipina can just wreck her brains out from having to choose from these soap brands.  I've swum with most girls to find out which among these whitening soaps will work best for me, and it wasn't easy.

I've even been tempted many times to strike up a conversation with strangers: ladies flashing their gorgeous white skin in front of me, and me dying to know what soap they use.

So I've crossed that out from my list, befriending paper-white-skinned girls in exchange for their beauty secret.  I also grew tired being sold on every whitening soap commercial that's got the fairest endorsers.  It's a convenient thing nowadays to have beauty forums, product review sites and, of course, blogs!

Likas Papaya Soap, 78php @ groceries, selected dep't stores and Mercury drugstore

  • non-drying and gentle on the skin
  • dead skin cells fall off after bathing if you are newly using this
  • no overpowering scent 

Pervil Soap, ~100 to 120php @ groceries, dep't stores and and Mercury drugstore

  • a bit expensive but works as nice as Likas Papaya sans the long waiting period
  • has an equally pricey matching moisturizing lotion
  • a bit drying on my skin
  • felt that you had to use the lotion to see its effects

CY Gabriel, not over 30php @ groceries and dep't stores

  • a bit too drying for my liking
  • saw lightening effects in a month's time

Cyleina Black Pearl, ~ 80php @ hortaleza stores and ebay/multiply resellers

  • i don't quite get the hype over this soap
  • it works as well as CY gabriel, in my opinion
  • it's a bit drying on my skin, too

Kojie-San Kojic Soap, ~60php @ groceries, dep't stores and and Mercury drugstore

  • barely saw lightening effects in a month's time
  • a bit drying
  • has a nice orange-y scent

Psalmstre Placenta Whitening Soap w/ Goatsmilk, 80 to 100php @groceries and Watson's

  • the most drying of all lightening soaps I've tried!
  • developed rashes and so I had to give it up
  • one of the best whitening effects I've seen so far

RDL Whitening Papaya Soap, 30 to 40php @groceries, Watson's and Mercury drugstore

  • gradual skin lightening, more gradual than Likas, in my opinion
  • i just felt that Likas did a better job in lightening and moisturizing the skin

All these bars helped in easily scuffing off dead skin cells.

If I were to award the best lightening soap, it would be to Likas Papaya (for the natural kind of lightening effect). Psalmstre had a super white effect on my skin that I really liked, but I just can't bear looking at the rashes... white+non-flawless skin=bummer.

I am currently using Likas Papaya. It was the first whitening soap that ever kissed my skin and I just keep coming back to it!


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