Do Mongrels Bug You, Too?

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Last night was just frustrating. I had to delay a beauty post today to make way for a statement:

"Mongrels (those dogs that aren't purebred) are beautiful, too!"

Chatted with an old pig last night who coolly professed to wanting all mongrels dead (by running over them) because of how ugly they looked and how they trashed the streets with their emaciated looks. He babbled about how much he knew about various dog breeds and how expensive his purebreds were. Gaaaah! 

By the time he got so full of himself, to which I silently gave disapproving nods to, I threw him a picture I got from my wallet as I took off. I gave that arrogant pig a photo of my decade-old mongrel, Boggart:

This is my Boggart, my mongrel, and I love him so much.

"Mongrels are beautiful, too!" I shouted back at him as tears welled from my eyes. I was totally pissed but congratulated myself for not punching his face (yes, I can be very violent) while he glorified himself in that 10-minute chat we had.

For those who have been reading my blog, you know how much I love animals. While there are those that scare me or do not tickle my fancy, I never resented their existence. I know that there is beauty to every living thing and the weird- or freaky-looking ones just need more time to be appreciated.

I am just in pure shock (and in tears) thinking about how many other condescending people hate mongrels to the point of wishing them ill (or wanting to run over them!). And to all those poor mutts who've been a little less lucky for being a mixed breed, you are all beautiful to me.


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