Purederm Cell Illuminating Hydro Pure Gel Mask

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Just when I thought I've tried all sorts of facial masks, Purederm's Cell Illuminating Hydro Pure Gel Mask comes along. Okay, so there are sheet masks, cream masks, peel-off ones and clay masks. Imagine my excitement when I was given a gel mask to try out! Sweet!

Purederm Cell Illuminating Hydro Pure Gel Mask, P199.75 ($5)
available at Watson's and SM Beauty

Products says (taken from Purederm.ph, with a few edits):
Packed with high-moisturizing ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin to deliver results. You will notice that the mask becomes thinner in time, as the active ingredients get absorbed into your skin.
It contains Arbutin, Green Tea Extract, Betaglucan, Vitamin E and other natural ingredients to clarify uneven skin tone and lighten spots for a brighter, pearly translucent complexion.
It's interesting to note that a beauty product as simple as this can be infused with a number of cool-sounding stuff in it. Let's dissect:

Arbutin - a more expensive form of hydroquinone; mainly used in skin lightening
Green Tea extracts - known chemicals to be stronger antioxidants for the body than vitamin C and E; its antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties are known to improve facial problems
Betaglucan - known for its ability to induce collagen formation and skin restructuring leading to lesser appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
Vitamin E - the key to natural skin beauty; prevents cell aging due to oxidation; softens skin scar tissue to minimize its appearance; also reduces the appearance of dark spots and other skin discoloration

Purederm's Hydro Gel Mask is truly a luxurious treat for the face. I love how different it feels versus other mask types --- it just feels so regal.

Immediate effects I noted were a "calmer" aura for my face and a purely clean feel to it. Something you'd always expect from masks, really. I didn't see anything worth raving about at this point.

The mask is quite big for my small face. The upper and lower masks
should not really overlap. See girl's face on photo above.

Gooey gel-like mask.  This is pure luxe!

This mask type is such a pain to use! It may have instructions and illustrations at the back, but it's not your usual easy-on mask. This baby is also a bit pricey. It's 200 bucks ($5)/pack... masks usually costs 30-80 bucks. I might just wait for Purederm sales to come along and check out if this mask goes 50% off!

It will take more than one mask for me to conclude that this stuff lives up to what it promises to do. If you have a couple of extra bucks and would love to try the regal feeling of a hydro gel mask, Purederm Cell Illuminating Hydro Pure Gel mask is for you. However, since I am rather hesitant to shell out a few hundred bucks for a single-use mask, I opt to buy other Purederm masks out there (hello dual well-being mask at 40 bucks!) that delivers just as well. 


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