Happy Sunday + A Bunch Of Giveaways



If you still remember, I was rather dismayed a couple of nights ago because of some rude remarks to mongrels.

I am just so happy and relieved to realize that most of my beloved readers share in my love for dogs and that we love each and everymutt without fussing about whether they're purebreds or not.

To those who emailed me and encouraged me to pursue the punch, thank you! I loved how violent everyone sounded ^.^ And if you're wondering if the punch pushed through (as an installment), I believe I was able to hit him real hard with my "Mongrels-are-beautiful remark + a pic of my dear Boggart" drama. He sent me a text message after the incident:
I didn't realize that you were into pets and I feel sorry you had to hear my arrogant views on mixed breeds. Honestly, I don't really like how Mongrels look. After our "one-way" argument last night, I thought about why I didn't like them. I still don't like them at this point but I'm willing to not run over them when I see them. I'm treating you to dinner as penance. Bring the Christmas dog along.
That was pretty much like a punch in his nuts (just like what dear Ellen wanted me to do)! An apologetic guy admitting to being guilty and trying to change his views. I might just ask for a sack of Vitality Dry Dog Food in place of dinner.

And oh, going back to beauty stuff, please don't forget to join these giveaways:

Starryxuan's Giveaway

Nilufar's Giveaway

Ladycrow's Giveaway


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